May 31, 2015

Ali is 7 months old!

Ali is 7 months old!
            I call her my little wiggle-worm! She just likes to move and wants to be doing it on her own so bad! She is still so close to crawling!  She understands how to move her legs, but hasn’t quite realized how to move her arms as well so that she can get to places.
            Ali has been a lot more playful this last month and we are having so much fun interacting with her.  She loves watching balloons get blown up {we are always rewarded with giggles when playing with balloons} and she loves playing peek-a-boo with a blanket.
            This has been the month of teething for her!  I’ve been able to spot her 2 bottom middle teeth underneath her gums since the end of April and I’ve just been waiting and waiting for them to come through.  Her bottom right tooth finally poked through on May 14th {first tooth!!} and I noticed the bottom left tooth poking through on May 20th.  Yay for teeth!  She sure looks cute!
            As of May 2nd, we started food with her.  We started with just some rice cereal, which she didn’t seem to care for, and about 2 weeks later I was doing apples with her.  I think she is still getting used to the new taste and to swallowing. 
            Ali has the biggest eyes!  She really loves chewing on and playing with zippers!  She mostly finds them on wallets and shirts.  She still loves tags and chewed 2 tags off of 2 beanie babies that we have here at home.  We have a rocking moose here that has a ring in it’s nose, and it’s entertaining to watch Ali try to reach and go after that ring time after time while laying on the ground underneath the moose. 
            Ali really dislikes having anything touch her face.  These things would include having her nose wiped, wiping food off of her face, and most of all- getting dressed.  She also gets really scared of loud noises and easily cries when something startles her.  These things include Olivia yelling, the blender, and the vacuum.

            Ali started to make a few more noises this past month and her and Olivia occasionally have a yelling match during breakfast and then they giggle about it.  She has started making a few more loud screaming noises when she gets excited about something.  The day she turned 7 months old, I heard her say, “Ba, ba, ba” in a moment of distress.  It made me so happy to hear her forming little words!

6 months old!

Ali is 6 months old!  Half of a year has gone by with this little one! 
            She has the most perfect rosy cheeks, which is due to some mild eczema, but they are still cute nonetheless.
            Ali is so good at pulling on and sucking on my hair and giving big, wet, open mouthed kisses on my chin and cheeks. 
            She really loves having her hair brushed, chewing on tags (found on blankets, toys, clothing, etc), chewing on and playing with clean diapers, and looking at her reflection in the mirror and oven door.
            Ali has started reaching for everything in close proximity, which sometimes makes her hard to hold because she is so squirmy.  She has also started scooching {is that even a word?} around the floor a little bit inch by inch by digging her feet and toes into the ground and pushing.
            Ali seems to enjoy sitting in the bumbo a lot more now than when she first started and I think she is close to sitting up on her own.  She graduated from the newborn sling in her bathtub and is now sitting up in the toddler tub.  She is also sitting up so big in the stroller now without her car seat.
            She has begun to get some of that “stranger danger” and will whine for Mom if she can see me nearby when someone else is holding her.  Otherwise, she doesn’t make many noises at all unless she is whining for Mom or wanting to be held.
            One of my favorite things that she does is when she sucks her thumb, the rest of her fingers will open and close until they grab onto something.  Usually they end up with my hair and she will just hold on while she sucks her thumb and then she will slowly fall asleep.  It really is adorable.
Ali is finally on some pretty consistent schedules, which help out a ton!  She is nursing every 4 hours (8a, 12p, 4p, 8p) and sleeping from 8p-6:30a with only one waking in the night around 2 or 3a to eat.
6-month stats:
Height: 27 ¼ inches
Weight: 17 pounds 06 ounces

April 20, 2015

Ali is 5 months old!

5 months old!
            Ali has started rolling more and she reaches for everything in sight! It is so fun to watch her successfully grab objects that she tries so hard to get!  Ali is still constantly straining to sit up and looks like she’s trying to do sit ups.  I keep joking that she has way better abs than me (maybe it’s more a truth than a joke)!  When excited, she moves her arms up and down very fast and she ends up hitting her tummy over and over again when this happens.  It seems like it would hurt, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. Ali is a very content car rider most of the time, she loves when I say or sing nursery rhymes to her, and she is starting to get ticklish!  I have found some great tickle spots on her tummy and thighs.
            One of my favorite things this past month is watching Ali grab her toes when she is lying on her back and put them in her mouth.  Little babies are the best!  Ali also gets a really sheepish, cute grin on her face when she first sees me after she wakes up.  It’s pretty adorable.
            I’ve noticed that Ali is typically very content when I’m having a rough day or when Olivia is in need of extra one on one attention.  It’s a tender mercy, that’s for sure!

            Her nighttime sleep schedule is typically from 8:30p-7a and she wakes up around 2:30a and 5:30a to eat.

April 15, 2015

Ali is 4 months old!

4 months old!
            Ali started giggling around January 28th.  It is the cutest sound ever! She loves anything with bright colors and will grab at anything that is in front of her with the intent to shove it into her mouth.  I love watching her try to get at Olivia when she is nearby.  Olivia has had her hair pulled by Ali a few times, but I love how excited Ali gets when they are together. 
Ali also loves to bounce herself in her bouncer by kicking her right leg over and over and over.  She is strong and is constantly straining to sit herself up!  Although she still has a little bit of time before she’ll be sitting up on her own, she did roll herself onto her tummy and then back onto her back on February 9th!  Since then, she continues to roll onto her tummy with hardly any effort, but cannot figure out how to get back onto her back yet.  This is frustrating for her.  Currently, she is rolling towards the right and also shows a right hand preference when it comes to sucking her thumb.  We are so happy that her thumb seems to do the trick and we hardly ever use a binky with her!
Ali gives her daddy lots of googly eyes and smiles when he comes home.  She will lie on her back on the floor next to him while he reads her books.

            Ali still sleeps well at night, but we typically still can’t get her to take naps longer than 30 minutes during the day!

Ali is 3 months old!

3 months old!
            Ali is starting to make sounds and will make noises in response to us when we play with her.  She will be laughing soon!  We love hearing her little noises and coos.  Ali has started to sleep less during the day and mostly just enjoys catnaps… 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there. But she is now typically sleeping from 12:30p-7:30a!  This seems like a miracle to us! 
            Ali sucks on her hands all the time and we are hoping that maybe she will be a thumb sucker.  Speaking of her hands, they are cold all of the time no matter what we do!
            Ali loves bath time, but doesn’t like getting dressed.  She loves to watch Olivia and will stare at her intently if she is nearby.  When Olivia takes the time to focus back on Ali and talk to her, Ali lights up with smiles.

            She is still a smiley girl, is a little more willing to snuggle now with us here and there, but is also still picky about what position she is being held in.