January 30, 2010

G came for a visit. He survived 4 nights on my couch. We went down to Provo and visited Braden in his new apartment. We also visited with 2 of our friends who we grew up with in Tennessee. It was fun to all be together again after all of those years...

January 23, 2010

Planning for the Big Day!

Wedding planning is harder than school, I swear!

Finding a photographer was the easiest part. We asked Jessica Smith who used to be in our ward up here in Logan. She is 23, and I love that she does this as her career and loves it! What an accomplishment. Maybe Luke and I will be so good looking, our photos will make their way to her photography blog: http://www.jessicasphoto.com

The Honeymoon is a different story. My dad is amazing and is letting us use his timeshare to stay in. We have plenty of options of places to stay all over the U.S. and so far, every place we've picked is not available! What are the odds? Cross your fingers that we will find something we like before it's too late!

The reception site has been the biggest stressor. Not that there is anything wrong with doing a reception in the gym of the church- it's just not for me. One of the first things Luke said to me when we started talking wedding plans was, "I just have one request...that we don't have our reception in a church." I couldn't have agreed more. What I didn't know was that it is almost impossible to find something that we both like, in the Bountiful/Salt Lake area, that doesn't require catering, for less than 3 grand. There were so many options, but still so little to choose from.
Luke began thinking of some great alternatives: Either the playground at McDonalds or an overpass bridge above the highway. It would be great to have guests enter on one end, say hi, grab a few snacks as they continue walking across the bridge, and exit on the opposite side.
Although they were great options I was so excited when he came across an even better option:

The Grand Ballroom..located right in Bountiful- in our price range- no caterer required- Thank you!
Woops- they were already booked for the 15th- of course! The lady on the phone did mention they had an opening for the 14th, but really, how was that going to help me out?
That's when I realized that we would just have to suck it up and do our reception at a church. After a few more phone calls and more thought on the matter we decided to go down to Bountiful anyway and check the place out. It was absolutely beautiful and is what I have always pictured for my reception. Here is the website: http://www.grandballroomutah.com/
Don't worry- we have moved our wedding day from the 15th of May to the 14th. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have that booked and out of the way. On to the next thing...

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ice Skating...without skates

it wouldn't be New Years without a little sparkling cider