May 8, 2010

2010 graduates

So tough, macho, and manly... Luke graduated! Really, he is the greatest. I am amazed by him and his attitude towards learning. Many students do the minimum to get by and hope they can pass their courses, but don't care if they understand all of the information. Not Luke. A lot of people, whether it is related to school or work, do what they can to cheat the system and get off easy. Not Luke. This past year, Luke has said things to me that go like this:

I've heard that senior year is the easiest year in the program. I don't want to slide by, I want them to push me so that I can learn and really get something out of this last year.
Luke: I have to study some more. Me: You already know you are going to pass the test. Luke: Yeah, but I want to be able to understand everything and if I get something wrong, I want to know why.

Sometimes we talk about taking a weekend vacation and I remind Luke that I think he has paid vacation days through work. Nope, I have 2 weeks worth of paid sick days that I haven't used because I haven't been sick. I know that people call into work and fake sick all of the time; I guess some people even get paid for it just because they can. Not Luke.

Babe, you're amazing. Congratulations on graduating!

My best friend/cousin Shealynn also graduated today. Shealynn has so much passion for what she's does. I admire how well she does in her field, that she will go on to do great things and influence others, and most of all, that she absolutely loves it! Yay! You are no longer an undergraduate...go TEACH!

May 5, 2010

luke's first race

Last Saturday proved to be another successful 5K. However, a lot of it was uphill. Trust me, when they had everyone who was running the 10K turn right...I was plenty happy to head left down to the finish line of the 5K. 3.2 miles is enough for one day, thank you. It was good to run with Luke-I'm sure I slowed him down. We finished in 29 minutes!