July 29, 2010

pioneer day

Pioneer Day is an official holiday celebrated on the 24th of July in Utah. So, we did a few things to celebrate...
We went to visit my cousin Kristen and her family. Aren't they cute!? It was fun to see Braden as well!

Then we experienced a little REAL Salt Lake Soccer with Luke's parents. Loved it!

I begged for this...it was SO hot.

They've got some real fans! Even in the bleachers, these guys scream, yell, and bang drums throughout the ENTIRE game.

Here's a quick photo of what their section looks like during the game.

July 26, 2010

the 4th of july

Who would be complete without fireworks on the 4th of July? Not us. You may notice Luke standing next to $500 worth of fireworks. This is what he came home with one day after work and I thought, "Oh no, PLEASE tell me you did not buy those!" He was actually the lucky winner at work in a name drawing! What do we do with $500 worth of fireworks...? We still have some left over, but we brought some down to his family in Bountiful and also did some here by ourselves in Logan. I know this is late, but happy Independence Day!

salt lake city

This is where we are moving! Luke is attending Grad School at the University of Utah. Classes start August 23rd. So, here's to our next adventure together!