October 31, 2010

happy halloween

We had the best time at the family Halloween party! I had been hearing about their famous Halloween dinner, but it was better than expected- it blew me away! Here are some photos... their entire dining room was decorated! It was amazing!

The famous dinner I had been hearing about was rad (I have been using this word a lot during the Halloween festivities because I don't know how else to describe it).
Here is was the menu for this year:
Appetizers: Cancerous witches' moles and severed rat heads in blood
Beverage: Distilled sewer water
Soup: Autopsied cadaver stomach contents
Salad: Poisonous swamp ferns dressed with troll spittle
Entree: Free range sea-slugs with seared breaded ogre buttocks and herniated discs slathered in thickened vampire phlegm
accompanied by broken leg bones
Dessert: Cube o'cannibal with scoop of rendered zombie fat topped with pureed hag liver drippings
Gross huh? Everything was delicious and so creative....like I said, it was rad.

For Halloween Luke was...something...I am not sure what to call it- but he was sure funny in his outfit! I was asked how I was able to get him into those shorts... I guess with most couples it's the girl begging her husband/boyfriend to dress up with her, but no, not in this relationship. I just had to ask him to please make sure he didn't make them too short! My favorite part was his teeth and of course the accent that he kept ALL night long.

We had fun making caramel apples and playing "ghost" bingo with Luke's parents and brother's family

I spent some time with my old roomies painting pumpkins...

Happy Halloween everybody!

October 22, 2010

park city, ut

We took a little weekend vacation here last Friday. Oh, how I looked forward to this. We stayed at an older resort, but it was so cozy. Luke and I laughed so hard when we walked in. There were bears everywhere- it was how the place was decorated. There was even a picture of a bear with the caption, "Life is a Bear." Here is a taste of the place:

Denim comforter and pillows:

Wow. Of course it was gorgeous because of the trees and the fall colors. The weather was amazing as well (just what I was hoping for)!

I have only been to Park City once, and it was years ago, so I only remember shopping at Claire's and the fun Alpine Slide. Friday night we walked around the town. It looked like it was out of a movie. We ate at a place called Butcher's- the food was so good.

In the morning we burned our bagels that we brought for breakfast...we made up for it by eating lots of Coldstone. We went shopping at the outlets, goofed around, took a LONG gondola ride, and tried out the Alpine slide.

This is the Alpine Slide:

Here is Luke, carrying our sleds? I don't know what to call them.

I told him the one thing about the Alpine slide that is out of your control is getting stuck behind someone really slow. I told him that it would really stink if that happened to him since we only paid for one ride. Well, to my dismay- I was the slow one! Luke zoomed right pass me on the other course. I kept trying to go faster, but was afraid I'd slide right off of the course. I heard one guy coming up behind me and felt so bad. I tried to go faster- but I am blaming my slowness on a defect in my sled thing. When we got to the bottom of the course, Luke was standing there waiting for me for who knows how long. I said sorry to the guy behind me, only to realize that there was a second guy as well! I had backed up 2 people! The second guy looked really annoyed, so I just grabbed Luke's hand and said, "Let's go." All that matters is that we had fun, right?

We also went to the Utah Olympic Park. We toured a small museum and got to see a few places where athletes come to train.

Anyway- it was a great vacation.

October 10, 2010

car safety

I am amazed at how many people think it is okay to text and drive. It is called distracted driving. I constantly see people looking down into their laps-at their phones, rather than looking straight ahead at the road. Friday as I was coming home from work I started getting really irritated. The girl driving behind me only looked up at the road once every ten seconds, I swear. As a fellow driver, I did not appreciate this. I drove home from work with her behind me almost the entire time. We were driving on the interstate, in rush hour traffic, plus there were police lights straight ahead and traffic had slowed because someone's tire had blown out all over the road. Oh, how I love people and their common sense. We may as well install TV and video games into our cars so that we can watch our favorite shows and play our favorite games while driving too. This would be good.

While I am on the subject of driving, here is a video advocating wearing your seatbelt that was sent to me by my grandpa and by Luke's mom. I like it.

October 1, 2010

why i love this month

• Halloween!
• Caramel apples
• Sweaters
• Boots
• The colors
• Perfect running weather
• Looking forward to the upcoming holidays
• Apple cider
• The end of having to mow the lawn, even though Luke does this
• Scarecrows and hayrides
• Haunted houses
• Candy
• Cute scarves
• Groovin’ to the Monster Mash and Thriller
• Decorated yards
• Fall weather