March 31, 2011

no sugar added

I'll admit it, Luke and I make dessert for ourselves a lot. Jewish brownies, peach cobbler, Coldstone, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... It's bad...really bad. We have gotten so used to having a treat that it doesn't even phase us anymore. I say that I want something sweet and he says OK or vise versa and that's how it goes. Other than that, we eat really healthy things and we exercise- but, I believe my face is getting rounder.

Luke had this great idea that gave me a lot of anxiety. He suggested that we make a goal to not eat any dessert or candy the ENTIRE month of April. Did he forget that I have a birthday in April? Also, how can he expect me to go off of sugar cold turkey?

Oh boy.

I said OK.

We are excited to challenge ourselves this month. We made a calendar where we can write daily whether or not we stuck to the no candy or dessert rule. The condition is that my birthday is a free day. Luke had a hard time giving into that one. After a lot of thinking about this, I am excited. It will be good to get creative and find other foods that will help to satisfy my cravings. Although they are expensive, strawberries are as good as any dessert. Wish us luck!

2 years

Last Sunday (3.27.11) marked 2 years of Bri and Luke. We still love each other ;) Luke is so sweet; he surprised me with homeade pizza ingredients. When we first became a "thing" we cooked once a week together and pizza was our first meal.

I still have the email I sent to my mom last year for this, it was easy to find since the subject line happened to be
pizza dough DILEMA

Mom, somehow I have lost my pizza dough recipe. This is a tragedy and Luke and I are supposed to be making this tomorrow!!!! Remember how we made the pizza on our first cooking night ever??? Yes it's been a year. If you can, will you please email me the recipe again. I would greatly appreciate it. Once again, sorry that I am so needy.
Love, Bri

March 17, 2011

REAL Salt Lake

It's that time...REAL Salt Lake season. Love the games, love the team, love the sport. Our first game was at the end of February so we bundled up in scarves and blankets. Our second game was just 2 days ago, and although quite a bit warmer, we still had to bundle up quite a bit. DAVE and MAKINNA came too! Thanks REAL for winning both games. We will come back soon.

March 5, 2011

top of utah half marathon

I did it. I just did it...registered for the Top of Utah Half Marathon that I was supposed to run last summer, but tried to register after it was already full. I mean honestly I am so excited to finally have it paid for and set in stone. I don't have any excuses to back out this time.

Last summer I had been pretty far into my training when I realized that the race was full and I couldn't get in. It was a let down because I had pushed myself and had felt committed to running something and accomplishing something that seemed so scary to me.

So, if I end up hating it, so what? I will be so glad to say that I did it! Finally.

this is what i saw...

I went to the grocery store and back today. This is what I saw...
-A car parked in the middle of a practically deserted car wash lot. There were 2 people unloading things from inside the car. I thought...hmmm, that's weird.
-An old man dressed like Mr. Rogers in his sneakers doing a speed walk and clearly trying to get some exercise in.
-A man, who I am assuming was homeless, walking out of Smiths Grocery pulling a suitcase behind him.
-An extremely overweight lady going down the sidewalk in a motorized wheelchair. She had at least 5 blankets on her lap. She also had a dog on a leash who was jogging/running and pulling her behind him. I was driving and trying to keep my eyes on the road, but really could not stop watching this. Especially when the dog began to turn a corner I got so nervous that the lady was going to tip right over...but we'll never know because by then I had to put my eyes back on the road.
-Sitting at a stop light I saw another lady waiting at a bus stop. She paced back and forth until she decided she had had enough of standing so she plopped right down on the curb next to a homeless man who had been standing on the curb with a sign asking for food and started sucking on a lollipop.
-On my way home I saw the car from the car wash parking lot still sitting there, but now everything inside the car had been unloaded and a man was standing outside, holding up a piece of cardboard, on which he had written, "Everything $1.00"

Yes, this is what goes on where I live.

On a side note, I finished reading book #4 in the Harry Potter series...only 3 more to go.