June 19, 2011


Things I know about my dad...
  • handsome
  • loves poker
  • good provider
  • likes to golf
  • he's good at counting to 3 (but he usually just has to get to 2)
  • eats cereal in the big bowls- I was always jealous
  • travels...lots.
  • used to let me drive the golf carts
  • forced me to get out of my comfort zone which included making me play soccer against my will and walking me through all the steps of getting my first job (both of which I LOVED)
  • likes country music
  • once gave me a lecture about my short shorts
  • was really good at coming up with things for me to do like picking up sticks in the yard
  • A true business man.  Whether it's during a family photo or on vacation at the beach, Dad always had the right essentials

I love you Dad!


We have new fish. 
 Fish that I have been begging Luke for since we moved in. 
 Now I am not so sure that it will be worth it when it comes to cleaning the huge 20 gallon tank. 
 I spent what felt like an entire Saturday afternoon cleaning it out after it was donated to us by Luke's brother. 
 Between the hose and lots of vinegar- I got that sucker cleaned.
The Tank
We have 2 Bala Sharks

Red-Tailed Shark

And this lovely bottom feeder.  He is huge and was donated to us.  Actually, he grosses me out.  But we keep him!

June 16, 2011


is just one of those days...
i'm driving to work and want to skip out and actually feel like I have what's called a summer.
my to-do list, consisting of only 2 things, feels overwhelming.
i realized i've driven 250 miles in 4 days.
i sat in front of the TV and ate 2 bowls of ice cream.
hearing my phone ring kind of makes me want to throw up.
i realized i probably need GPS on my phone after I wound up at the wrong courthouse and almost missed the appointment.
i tested out a bike i kind of want to buy and the guy from the store made me test ride it WAY away from the road (i'm not that good...and he knew it).

i really want to buy a pool pass and go there every day.