October 30, 2011

park city

We went to Park City for a night.  It was a great little getaway and even better since it was Luke's idea
(usually it's me begging for some type of vacation)!
Luke took this picture of me eating fudge.  The fudge fell on the ground and I picked it up and ate it (very unlike me), but fudge is soo expensive I bet it was $2 worth of chocolate that I didn't waste!

 Yummy breakfast...food coma.
 We're kindof funny I guess.

 I love watching Luke shop for shoes.  First of all, he's a size 13 and he tries on the craziest things.  He ended up buying that nice little black pair with the blue and pink.

Anyway..I thought I got a few more pictures, but I really didn't.  We just did the normal Park City Shopping, ate good food, lounged around, and came home!

girl's day

I LOVE Sundays with these girls!
(today we made carmel apples..yum)


This month has come and gone so fast!
I had my first experience riding Trax.  It was one crowded ride.  I had the opportunity to attend the Relief Society General Broadcast at the Conference Center with my friend/coworker Bethanie.
Made a "Fall" craft for my neighbor.

Spent time with Braden and Gentry!  We celebrated Braden's 23rd birthday! And said so long to G as he left for his 2 year LDS mission to Paris, France.  We're excited for him!

I also spent time with Shea.  She got a new car! What?! So excited for her!

And we made some crafts.  Love that we can turn a wreath like this...
 into one like this.

October 12, 2011

it's that type of day

Where I buy Jamba Juice for myself on the way home from work because well, I deserve it.

Seriously, how tough does a day of work have to be and since when do schools suspend kids for sleeping in class? Which, by the way, kids can be SO much smarter than adults sometimes.
 Example: If you piss the teacher off, he/she will let you go home!   Then it becomes a daily pattern and the teachers stand around and think, "Why do they keep doing that?"  Well, because you are giving them what they want. Nice job.

I've pretty much spent my life savings on Jamba Juice this past month.  I love their holiday Pumpkin Smash smoothie.  But I add peanut butter; it's thicker.  (p.s. I'm a peanut butter smoothie girl).  Luke and I each get our own little allowance each month to spend on whatever we want.  Usually I save up my pennies to buy clothes that I just can't resist, but NO, it's all been going to Jamba.  Although I love it, WHAT a WASTE!  I probably shouldn't carry cash around.  Also, I still believe that one day my future includes managing a smoothie business.  Doesn't that sound fun? Stress free?  What could be better than making someone's day with a smoothie?

October 2, 2011


Karmin. One of the best cover bands. Just sayin'.
I came across the cover they did for Someone Like You by Adele, and of course fell in love because the song is amazing for one thing, but I liked listening to them.

But they do covers for other songs as well and they are just so talented and have a lot of personality.  One of my favorites is the cover they did for Chris Brown's "Look at me now".  Seriously, it's great.  Look them up.

more crafts

This weekend I did my Halloween crafts since it's now October! I can't even believe it!
Just my little spider's web and my 2 little furry spider friends.

 I'm ready for Halloween! Now I just need to figure out what to do for a costume...