January 31, 2012

a week in PA

Happy vacation and New Year's to us! We got to spend a week in Pennsylvania! There are a thousand of pictures and reasons why I loved our vacation.
Let me tell you about our week.
We visited Byers' Choice. Byers' Choice is where caroler dolls are handcrafted. It was quite amazing to see the talent that goes into making these dolls.
Here we are!

Here are 2 pictures of some of the dolls. This pond was made using wax. So simple, but creative.

Don't worry- we even got to dress up as carolers! Not bad, right?! While I was touring, Braden casually strolled out wearing this nice nightgown and cap ensemble acting as if what he was wearing was completely normal. I was like, "What are you wearing!?" It was fun to dress up.

Right outside of Byers' Choice just happens to be where Luke proposed. So, of course we had to take a picture right where the proposal happened!

We played games and had fun being together as a family.

One highlight was going to New York. It was a first time for Luke!

 Standing at Ground Zero
 Lady Liberty

 Luke found several people he was related to since they had the same name as him and all.
 Time's Square!

I met our cute dog Lilly.
And we had a family talent show.  Braden was pretty creative and I loved his little skit.
And shout out to Gentry!  We got to talk to him on Christmas day since he's on his mission in Paris.
We miss him and his humor!
Anywho, yeah, we've got talent in my family.

January 15, 2012

Christmas with the Robinsons!

This year we spent Christmas with the Robinsons!

We attended the annual Robinson Christmas party where, as tradition, we reinacted the story of Jesus's birth.

Everyone, including those who were animals, did great playing their parts, but Luke did an especially amazing job playing the part of an angel.

Sky impressed us with his music skills as he played "Jingle Bells" on the trumpet.

And of course we were visited by Santa again!

On Christmas Day we packed up our gifts and headed to Luke's parents house.

Here we are!

And here's Luke.

Santa was very generous this year.
Merry Christmas!


The skirts are finished! (Well, they were finished a week before Christmas, but I'm just getting to this...)

Here they are!
The fabric and finished project.

The girls wore them to church and looked so cute. They fit! (I was a little nervous they wouldn't)