February 19, 2012

a day of love

This year I came home to this...

We at crepes for dinner. And watched Water for Elephants, which I actually loved.

And then Luke took me on a little getaway here:

It was fabulous!

let's talk about scouting

You want me to do what? was what I first thought when they asked me to be a Den leader.  Seriously?  I wasn't prepared for that, but these boys are the best.  We do really cool things like earn activity pins, do den yells, and once I tried to teach them how to tie a square knot. It's fun hanging out with them, watching their interactions with each other, and hearing about how their week has been.

One of their favorite games is to split into 2 teams and they take turns trying to make the other team laugh.  You guys should try playing this game with 10 year old boys. I always lose! They are awesome.


was a good day.  Got up at 6 a.m., showered, and went to the Stake Center to set up for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  I picked up the Webelos Scouts and headed back to the Stake Center and we ate breakfast borritos, orange juice, and hot chocolate.  Our theme was "Our Community" and I learned something new; a man named the streets Vidas Avenue, Beryl Avenue, and Leslie Avenue after his daughters.  Who knew? The boys were excited about having police officers attend the banquet.  Afterwards one boy tugged me on the shoulder and said, "Do you know what I want to be when I grow up? A Police Officer."  He'd  make a great one.  The boys were given police badges, toy handcuffs, fire trucks, play walkie talkies etc. to take home. I drove 3 brothers home and loved listening to them talk in the backseat about playing policemen when they got home.

I took a trip to the running store.  A nice girl got me on the treadmill so she could watch me run.  She said I run normal (phew).  My shoes are worn out and no longer give me the support I need, so I need new ones; that's why my knees are always in pain.  She told me I should plan on spending between $100-$150 on a new pair.  goodie.  I got some new flavors of GU energy gel.  Today I tried lemon; I liked it.

I saw my husband briefly when he came home from work before he headed off to campus to do school.  He's handsome.  I started some laundry.  Headed out for an 11 mile run that turned into 6.5 miles.  It's my knees I swear.

February has been beautiful this year.  It's chilly, but clear.  Some days feel like a normal fall day.  I've been enjoying my time outside in the fresh air.  Running for me has been amazing.  I still have to get up the motivation to actually go, but once I do, I feel great.  I can feel my body getting stronger.  It took about 4 weeks of consistent jogging, but I can run far now without dying!  I am amazed at the human body and the progress I have made.  I'm slow, but I can keep my pace.  Short runs that used to make me feel like dying now feel refreshing.  It's a good feeling.  Last week I was scheduled to run 10 miles and ended up all the way at South Temple in downtown Salt Lake- and that was only mile 5... I had to run back after that. It's crazy how far you can go on foot.

Today while running, I pretty much had about 5 dogs almost attack me at different times (yikes).  Dogs are the scariest when I'm running. They always startle me by barking or growling.  I swear they are going to jump their fences one of these days to attack me.  I also saw a couple rollerblading.  It was awesome.  Luke, we should get rollerblades.

At 4 p.m. my visiting teachers came over.  It was so nice to chat with them.

At 6 p.m. I made homemade pizza.  A favorite around here.  Luke got home at 7.  We ate and packed a little bag for a one night "getaway".  Thanks babe for the Vday gift.
Happy Saturday!

February 4, 2012

Rock N' Roll USA Nation's Capital Half Marathon

I love exercise.  As much as I hate it, I love it.
I love that my body is strong and has the ability to run.

I'm getting ready for this:

I am so excited! 
Today I ran 8 miles outside in the cold February weather.  Up until today all of my running has been done on the treadmill, but I just couldn't bear the idea of spending that long on there today.  It was around mile 7 or 8 in my last half marathon in August that my legs started giving out because my muscles just couldn't do it anymore.
I've definitely been training this time around so that my body is prepared and doesn't feel like giving up.
However, my left knee has been consistently bothering me every time I run 5+ miles.  I probably need new shoes.  Maybe I run weird.  I think I'll go to the running store and see what advice they have. Do you have any?  It was painful to run those last 3 miles today all because of my dear knee.  

Anyway, 4 weeks down of training and 6 more to go!  Almost half way done and I've been 100% so far!
I just keep telling myself that it's only 10 weeks of training that I've committed myself to, and I can do that.


Does anyone else love this song? David Gray- This Year's Love

Or this song?  Bob Schneider- Changing Your Mind.

funny story

I have to share the funniest story. I don't know that I'll be able to describe it that well in words- it would be much better if I could just act it out for you guys.

But I had those 3 cute girls over one Sunday afternoon and we played a game where I had each of them secretly write 3 names down on a piece of paper and we folded up all the papers and put them in a bowl.

They each took turns to pick out a paper and act out the name that was on the paper. They all wrote down names of people who are in their family, except one paper had the name Jesus written on it.  It was hilarous watching them act the names out. Every time they opened a name, their actions would just consist of smiling while jumping up and down while the other 2 would just randomly call out names of people in their family until someone guessed the right name.

The youngest girl was the funniest to me because she didin't even do any jumping business. She would pick a name, I would whisper who it was, and she'd just stand there, smiling sheepishly and kind of shake her hands up and down and rock back and forth while the other 2 guessed. Well, no one was guessing the name, which was "mom". So I said, "Hey, this time you can talk- tell some things that this person might say." I thought maybe she would say "Time to clean up!" or "time for bed!" But instead she started moving her lips but no sound was coming out of her mouth haha!! So I said, "You can talk out loud."
So, then she proceeds to say VERY slowly and quietly like it was a secret, "mmmoooooooooommm"! And there you have it!