May 27, 2012

vacation time baby!

For our 2 year anniversary we took a little trip to Vegas and California!

We love Vegas... and we both love California, but had never been there together before this trip.

The first night we drove into Vegas and stayed at Circus Circus.  Of course that casino is more kid oriented and we watch mini circus acts and played several games trying to win prizes!
Luke won a game!
In the morning we had a nice long drive to CA.  We finally got there mid afternoon and spent some time on the beach, in the hot tub at the hotel, and eating yummy food.  I was so in the mood for sea food the entire time I was in California.  

 It was actually pretty chilly down in CA.  The wind was cold.  Laying in the sun on your towel wasn't so bad, but the minute you sat up or walked around you needed a jacket.  Still, Luke and I both got sunburned!  Luke's tummy looked like a nice red tomato.

It was Luke's first time in the ocean!  I loved being in the water and trying to jump the waves with him.  

 Our last day on the beach we did some seashell hunting and walking.

 And the drum circle!!  A few years ago on Spring Break I came to Huntington Beach and LOVED the drum circle.  Being here, listening to people play their drums and dance on a lazy Sunday afternoon makes life feel so perfect.  Before we came on vacation I looked up drum circles online and sure enough, it was still going. So happy to experience it again!
There was also the eclipse that we got to see! I had never seen one before so it was really neat. You can see it on the right/bottom of the picture.
And one morning we went out to a market and bought Luke some sunglasses so that he no longer has to wear mine.  He looks good huh?  Gotta protect those eyes!

After Cali we drove back to Vegas where we walked the strip a bit.
Oh dear....

I made this 10 minute movie to document our trip.  The music is from Mindy Gledhill's album "Anchor".  I love it!
Happy Two Years!!

cinco de mayo

Here's what we did:
Luke took me out to the park, strung up the poor little pinata, blindfolded me, spun me around, and then I had a free for all on the pinata.  Happy celebrating!

May 22, 2012

a few things

love days like these...

My attempt at making yummy crafty marshmallow flowers...
Oh, and then there are these beautiful flowers from Luke.
I went and checked out these cute little chickees at the store.  I really wish we had a yard, a chicken coop, the money to take care of them, etc. Wish I could've taken a few home.
And then there was this delicious hot dog from the Bee's game. Great summer night!

May 1, 2012

more scouting fun

Here is a little more scouting fun for you to enjoy.  We were working on our Showman Pin.
We got to talk about plays and musicals, etc.
They are pretty great actors if I say so myself!
Please don't miss the diamond that is front and center and then the banana drawn on paper that pops up on the right hand side near the middle of their show.

Today I really miss this:

I love this video from the half my mom and I just did in D.C.

Doesn't it make you want to RUN!?  To me, this is so motivating and I love all of the runners! We were all in it together and made it to the finish line :)

In August, Luke, my mom, Braden, my aunt, and I are all signed up for the Top of Utah half in Logan! Anyone want to join??