November 7, 2012

family photos and the truth behind them...

My dearest friend agreed to take some photos of me and Luke in our backyard.  I love her for agreeing to take the time to snap photos with my incredibly crappy camera on a Saturday afternoon...and it's not even like she is a photographer. She is wonderful.

Luke and I have been talking about getting our pictures taken since we haven't gotten pictures since our wedding day.  I wanted to do them this summer for sure, but then it never happened. And then my belly grew and I knew I'd want to pay for pictures after the baby was born instead. So, we've put it off.  But...when I knew my friend would be in town, I asked Luke if he wouldn't mind doing some quick photos in the backyard and I was so surprised when he said, YES!

So, of course Friday night we had a discussion regarding what we would wear and if it would match... blah blah blah.  I'm surprised Luke still puts up with all of my planning and detailing of things that really don't matter in the long run. He is good to me.

And then Saturday afternoon we took beautiful pictures with my crappy camera and I did some really high class editing with iphoto and voila!

 Gangster pic.

 Belly pic
Luke's "I'm a star!" pic

But then there is always the real truth behind the family photos right?  Here it is...
Me saying: "Please Luke, PLEASE!!! Smile NORMAL"
And him laughing because he knows I was going to get like that.
 Me saying: "I smell cat poop; we just sat in cat poop!"
(we didn't- I guess I was just being dramatic or something)
 Me saying: "Luke, let's laugh and be candid and natural."
Luke took it WAY overboard (on purpose) and I will forever love this picture.  He wouldn't stop being over the top with his fake laughter, so we have quite a few like this.
 Oh dear...this happens every time! I wanted to take a serious photo. This is what we got and it's what we get every time I try to do a serious face: Me looking either like a lump on a log, or me looking like I'm trying to be seductive but it's not going over very well.  Classy.
Oh I am trying to coach Luke through what pose I think we should be doing again. Shocker!! It's too bad, because this is a great one of Luke :)

Good times!
And here is some more truth behind family photos…

While taking pictures was completely fun and relaxed, we’ve been on the other side of it as well.  Preparing for our engagement pictures was a complete nightmare. And I can absolutely take 99% of that responsibility.  Maybe 99.5%.  I was so concerned with what we were going to wear and where we were going to take the pictures that it pretty much drove Luke insane.  On top of that was all of the other wedding stuff we were trying to put in place, and although I was honestly really level headed about all of the wedding stuff (at least I think I was…) there were still some moments that really got the best of both me and him.  We argued like crazy- over little things.  We got offended easily, we said “I don’t care” and “whatever” a lot.  I feel like we were always circling. We’d argue, then have to come back to the argument to talk about it and admit where we had both gone wrong and apologize, and then it would happen all over again. Over and over again.  

The night before our engagement pictures, we got into an argument and I found myself crying hysterically that next day while getting ready for our engagement photo shoot.  Again, it was a nightmare and I just kept thinking about taking pictures with puffy eyes and trying to act all lovey dovey with someone I was in an argument with.  It started snowing that day, which we weren't expecting, and our photographer called me and asked if I'd like to reschedule.  Holding back tears, I said, "No, no of course not, we can continue as scheduled."  After I hung up, I felt like an idiot. Why couldn't I just put my pride aside and reschedule?  Luke came over as I was getting ready, which just made me cry more as we tried to talk stuff out, but it was him that convinced me to just call the photographer and let her know I'd changed my mind and we'd like to do pictures when it's not snowing outside.  
Long story short- we made up, rescheduled, and took photos on a day when we were both happy and feeling real in love.

I love our engagement photos! I love them for what they are, but more than that, I love them for reminding me of the months where I felt for the first time like I had to work REALLY hard at our relationship in order for it to work-and it was worth it!  (And, I realize that there are and will be harder things to work through than just arguments.)  Mostly, I've learned that even though things aren't picture perfect, we have to work at our relationship every single day and that's how we stay happy.

November 3, 2012

i'm loving october

I'm pretty sure that October is my favorite month...and lot's of great things happened this year during this past month.

We took a drive up to Park City.  For the past 2 years we have done overnight trips up at Park City during this time of year; this year we just did a day trip- it was so much fun.  I can't get enough of the beautiful fall colors.  We also took 2 drives up the canyon near us to see the leaves on the trees before they all fell away.  Each year I'm always too late and forget to go see the changing colors. But this year, we got the timing right!

And then there is always the annual Robinson Halloween Dinner that is always over the top in spookiness/grossness/and fun.  I didn't get many pictures this year unfortunately, but here is one of the table before the food was brought out.  You can't see them very well, but new to the decorations this year were the eyeball salt and pepper shakers.  I loved them.  I really get in to Halloween.
This year, a new dessert was featured. You guys, it was SO gross, but oh so funny and perfect for this type of dinner.  Luke's cousin brought out dessert in a kitty litter box with a kitty litter scooper. In the box were grape nuts covered in powdered sugar to look like kitty litter.  Then, he had made brownies and rolled them up to look like cat poop. See? I told you it was gross!  But don't you kind of want to bring it to the next Halloween party you go to? People will talk about it.

Me? I've been sticking to homemade apple pies!  This year was the first time I've made apple pies from scratch, including the crust and I'm addicted. They turned out great and I'm proud of my baking skills.  Luke helped with the pie crust on the second one, making the lattice strips. Much prettier than the first!

Of course the yard became full of leaves!  We spent some time raking them up and stuffing garbage bags one night.  Good bonding time.

We went to the Pumpkin Patch!  This is the first time I can remember going to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and I think it will be a new tradition for us. No more grocery store pumpkins please. It was muddy.  I loved seeing all of the different types of pumpkins- all different colors and shapes.

(this field, with the house in the background, was so pretty)

I decorated Halloween cookies with the girls and the scouts...

And let's not forget Halloween Day.  I know we are pretty.

(Thanks Mom for sending the glasses and teeth)

Happy Fall!