December 24, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance Favorites

I know that this year's season of SYTYCD is long over- so this post is kind of long overdue, but I HAD to share my favorite dancer with anyone who missed it!  I honestly got obsessed with him and his moves.  You'll see what I mean.

Here is Cyrus- My FAV. He also made it to top 2 in the show. So, great job!

Here is his audition:

And I love so much more than just his dancing. His personality was SO fun on the show.
Don't worry, here's more.

And then, watching him dance with other people was amazing one was really quite sure how he would do with some of the choreography, but everyone loved him!

There were other really amazing dances from the season- and a lot of people might not care, but here are links to my other very favorite dances.
This one is Addiction- click HERE.  I could just feel so much emotion in this one.
This one is performed by Eliana and Alex HERE.  Eliana won- I just love her dancing.
Cole and Allison HERE.
Will and Lauren...HERE. This is what I do when I'm having a bad my pain away :)
Chehon and Kathryn HERE. This dance is also beautiful. Chehon was the boy winner of the show. Amazing.

Ok, that's all. That's a lot. Sorry.

December 23, 2012

baby post

Here are more updates on Baby R.  Belly is sure growing!
23-24 weeks

"I have fallen in love with this baby more than ever by now.  I absolutely LOVE feeling her movements.  Sometimes if she is laying a certain way, my belly looks lopsided.  I can now not only feel the movements, but SEE the movements, which I love.  I’m still feeling good, cross my fingers, knock on wood.  I’ve gained 20 pounds…." 
 25 weeks

26 weeks

"I’ve started feeling real discomfort over here.  Overall I still feel really good besides the back pain, which is typical.  However, last night was horrible. I felt so big and heavy and my pants were tight and it hurt to sit down and it hurt to stand up.  Usually feeling like that doesn’t last very long, but last night it lasted longer than usual.  With each step I felt like I was going to pee my pants. I’m surprised I didn’t.(I guess I should mention that I was wearing my normal jeans…time to quit trying to stuff myself into normal clothes I guess).

We started our hypnobirthing class.  Honestly, I love the relaxation stuff and learning that birth is normal and that I can stay calm and relaxed during it. I am so excited to learn more!

I took my glucose test. I was low in iron.  I’ve started taking my prenatal vitamin again- which I should have been taking this whole time…woops." 

 27 weeks. Pregnant Lady got to the gym!

28 weeks

"Yesterday the baby moved like crazy. It was one BIG move. I’ve never felt her that strongly.  It felt like she was going to jump out of my stomach on her own.  I loved it.  Keep getting strong baby."  
29 weeks

"To be honest though, even though I’m feeling anxious about the change of adding another person into our life permanently, the excitement and the good that comes with that far outweighs the scary anxiousness I’m feeling.  We are SO excited for Baby R.  She’s been moving around a lot more and I keep trying to picture what she looks like now or what she’d look like if she were to be born now.  How big would she be?  I keep losing track of how far along I am.  Somewhere in-between 30-33 weeks.  I keep getting this scary thought that the doctors are wrong and she will actually be full term a month earlier than expected, which would really catch me off guard.  Just wait little baby because most of your stuff won’t get purchased until the middle of January ok?
I haven’t been sleeping as well. My body goes numb when I’ve been on my side too long. Then I have to roll over and switch sides, which is no easy task with this extra 30 pounds when I’m half asleep.  That goes on all night.  I’m legitimately worried about keeping up with my work schedule as my nights get more and more restless."  
30 weeks

"Yesterday we had a doctor’s appointment. We got to hear Baby R’s heartbeat and I loved it.  While Teresa, the nurse was listening for the heartbeat she said, “How many do you have in there?!” She was serious for 1.5 seconds. She thought she heard a second heartbeat for a second.  Haha.  I was like “what!?”  Thank goodness we aren’t having 2 babies. Actually I take that back.  I’ve always thought it would be SO fun (alongwithreallyreallyreallyhard) to have twins…but I can’t have twins without adequate planning, and that’s not what we’ve been planning, and Bri is all about having a plan. Luke got really excited for a sec when she said that too. So cute.  Seirously, I just wish that Teresa could be our permanent nurse midwife.  I love her the most and I always leave my appointments with her feeling amazing.  Hopefully she’s the one on call when I go into labor.

P.S. No stretch marks still.  I feel like my belly button will be an “outie” soon.  Right now it’s just flat, but we’ll see.  Also, yesterday I had a wardrobe dillema.  My clothes don’t fit!  Grrr.. I know I’m na├»ve to think that things will fit forever, but there are certain things that I just thought def will.  So yesterday as I seriously tried on shirt after shirt, and after almost ripping one, I decided to just accept the fact that I’m growing and that I need to seriously consider buying maternity shirts.  FINE!"

31 weeks

December 8, 2012

things that made me laugh...

1.  Please can we put eyebrows on Lily when I am home? It makes me laugh just thinking about it.
2.  Enough Said. HAhahahaha

Ok, that's all.