December 13, 2013

10 months!

O is 10 months old! 
She just keeps getting more and more fun!  This month brought lots of standing and more babbling.  She has even ventured to standing without holding onto anything.  This has only lasted for a few seconds, but I still think she’s a brave girl!
O loves books and finger foods. Her favorite finger food is black beans and I think that she prefers veggies to fruit; but she is not a picky eater. She loves having her hair brushed and dance parties in the kitchen to Christmas music.  Her hair is growing so that it looks like she has little wings over her ears.
And she is crawling up the stairs like it is no big deal.
We get to see more and more of her little personality every day.  She is the most curious little girl.  She ALWAYS wants to be involved.  No matter how content she seems to be while doing something, the minute something changes, whether that is a person coming or going, a new sound she hears, or an object placed in the room that wasn’t there before, O is all over it and immediately has got to check it out to see what’s going on.   She also teaches me about being happy in every situation.  For example, one night we had to walk for a few minutes in some REALLY cold weather.  I was NOT happy about it. But, there was O- freezing, but all smiles!  However, at times she does love her share of drama as well.  We occasionally experience some random squawking followed by her dramatically throwing her head and upper body backwards.  We love her!

This past month she got 2 more teeth!  Tooth #2 was her bottom left front tooth, which came in on Nov. 18.  And tooth #3 was her top left front tooth, which came the first week of December.   

Some favorite pictures from this past month-

November 24, 2013

9 Months!

This girl.  She is our favorite, by far. 
She has started using her pointer finger! She points at things and uses her pincher grasp to try and pick things up.  I have caught her with her finger in her nose a time or two.  There is just so much to be explored!
It is few and far between, but she has started clapping in response to “YAY”. 
We finally bought O a toothbrush for her one little tooth (and for the rest of her mouth/tongue).  She loves it!  When she sees her toothbrush, her entire little body tenses up and she starts grinning. Hopefully this lasts into her toddler years!

This little girl is on the move and we need to baby proof!  This month she started being able to go from laying down to sitting up all by herself.  Then she started crawling!  And now she’s already pulling herself up on things as well.  She is pretty proud of herself and it’s fun to watch her be so much more independent.
Favorite pictures from the month!
 Sitting on an air vent while it blows out air...and loving it (notice her hair sticking straight up!).

November 13, 2013

September/October Overview!

October is my FAVORITE month!
Here's a little highlight of what we've been up to...

G Man is home after serving an LDS mission in Paris, France. We've missed him!!
Labor Day Hike
Wheeler Farm outings with friends.
O loved watching the animals!
Checking out some of the beautiful views in the canyon!
Chilly little walks with O's cute winter gear.
 REAL Salt Lake!
Pumpkin Picking! This is probably one of my all time favorite days of the year! And this year, the weather was perfect!!
Pumpkin Painting!
It didn't last long since all O was really interested in was eating the paint :)

October 15, 2013

8 months

O is 8 months old! What a fun girl!
This month O starting clicking her tongue and has been quite intrigued! 

She started showing off a new scrunchy face that’s pretty cute/funny.
 She helps me turn the pages in her books when we are reading and she loves on her stuffed animals by grabbing them and squeezing them up against her mouth while making a growling noise.
 O also got to check out the swings at the park for the first time. She loves them! We only wish the warm weather would last!
And this little sweet pea started riding in her new big girl stroller!  Day #1 in it wasn’t as fun as I thought it might be.  Every time I tried to talk to her or get a smile she would have none of it. But ever since, her and the stroller have made peace.
On September 10th, Luke and O came home from some Daddy/daughter time with a little red beta fish… Apparently O’s first pet.  We named her Tia. Luke informed me that O said I could take care of it.
On September 11th, she slept through the night for the first time ever (from 8:30p-7a).  Unfortunately that was the first and only time, but it’s still noteworthy!
Let's not forget that O also got to experience her first REAL Salt Lake game! Luke was so proud! O cheered and squealed along with the rest of us the whole time :)
And the biggest news is that on September 27th, O started sporting her first tooth!  It’s her bottom right front tooth.  We will miss her big gummy smile, but that tooth sure is cute. It came out of nowhere and was a big surprise to me when I felt it that morning in her mouth!

Favorites from this month: