January 30, 2013

ramblings about baby

Today I drove into work with Ice Ice Baby blasting on the radio and I felt a little bit gangster. Next new song for me to learn??  This day started off good.

There have been a few little things that have completely stressed me out over the past couple of months and keep coming up in the back of my brain that I can't do anything about.  There is so much I wish I had control over and could just make work, but I can't.  There were 2 weeks where even just thinking about some of these things would make me start crying.  But over the last 2 days, I suddenly just feel so calm.  Life will always be a roller-coaster, but it will work out. It always has.  We are so lucky.

I am less than 2 weeks away from my due date! I can't even believe it's so close. This baby could come any time!  People keep asking me if I'm ready to just be done and have her already? Well, the answer is YES- but that's because I'm just so dang excited. It's not because I'm miserable.  I am so lucky to still be feeling so good. I still have a lot of energy, I'm still working at my normal pace, (although I'm walking a tad bit slower) etc. etc.

I get butterflies and a little giddy thinking about having this sweet little baby. You know when you are little and there are things that just make you so over the top excited? Like Christmas? But, then you get older and those things are still exciting to you but not at all in the same way?  Well, I'm feeling little again.  I haven't felt like this in SO long!

Baby R really likes oranges and pineapple.  She moves a ton when I eat them.  Baby R gets the hiccups ALL THE TIME!  I can feel her moving around still, but instead of just near the top or sides of my belly I can feel her lower down too. Sometimes I get throbbing pains down my legs due to the movements. I keep looking for big fat veins in my legs, but I can't see any. But, that's what it feels like.  There have been 2 nights that I have been more uncomfortable than usual. Call me crazy but I love it. I keep thinking, "Bring on the pain if it means I get to meet this little girl!"

The hospital bag is by the door. Along with the car seat and the boppy.  I still have a few more things to put in the bag, but most of it's there.

My body really does feel exhausted from this darn cold! Seriously.  I've mentioned before that I never get sick, so when I do, I'm super dramatic- but no girl should get sick when she is about to have a baby!  It's not fair. The way I see it is that I've got stuff to do. I've been doing the hospital bag stuff, sewing, baby laundry (the house smells like baby from the detergent and I'm in love), and normal everyday stuff, but my body just wants to sleep. I know I need to listen to my body, but the way I see it is that if I work hard now and get it all done, then those last days leading up to having the baby will be peaceful and restful. You see what I'm saying?

January 24, 2013

welcome 2013

I am so exited for a new year! I love setting goals and working towards accomplishing things.

Here was our start to the new year:
First pics of the new year...

I love spending it with family.  We are all still looking pretty good for it being midnight :)

Other things we did at the beginning of January...
Oh, you know...tried on aprons.
 Went into Philadelphia. Such a fun day!!

 I said to Luke, "Let's take a picture now at the beginning of our trip in case I get grumpy by the end." Duh, he is so good at putting up with me.  We both did good though. No grumpy's over here!

 Nothing like a legit Philly's cheese stake!

 We made our first big baby purchase..a car seat!  When I opened it I just kept looking at it over and over again and thinking, "Our little baby is going to go in there."
Happy 2013 everyone!

goodbye 2012

2012 was good to us.

In December we had our annual work Christmas party.  They had a moment of silence at the beginning of the party so that we could reflect on the year.  We reflected on the good and the bad, the hard and the happy.  It was a really great experience for me, because I realized how extremely blessed I am and have been.  It was also a good experience for me to realize how blessed I’ve been because December has been yet another month of unsureity and it has been easy for me to focus on all of he unknowns in my life.  Having the time to reflect helped me to realize how AMAZING 2012 has been for me and for my handsome husband, Luke. 
Here is a quick recap of 2012- just the things that I remember off of the top of my head. I’m sure I’m leaving some things out.
  • I got to start 2012 out spending time with my family in Pennsylvania. 
  • In March I got to travel back out to Pennsylvania so that I could run the Rock N’ Roll half marathon in Washington D.C. with my mom!  What a fun trip and amazing accomplishment.  I got to spend the whole first part of the year in really good shape and I completed my half marathon training successfully, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. 
  • In April I found out that I had gotten a promotion within the company I work for after one of the most intense interviews I've ever experienced.  
  • In May, Luke and I got to celebrate 2 years of marriage and went on an anniversary trip to Huntington Beach, CA. 
  • In June, Luke and I found out we were pregnant! My sisters also came out to stay with me for a weekend since they were out for EFY. I also officially started my new position at work. 
  • In July we got to hear the heartbeat of our beautiful baby. My brother got engaged.
  • In August, we got to go camping at Tony's Grove, which is my most favorite place in the world.  My mom also came out for the Top of Utah half marathon and I got to be a cheerleader while Mom, Luke, and Braden ran.  It was Luke’s first half marathon.
  • In September, we found out we were having a beautiful baby GIRL.
  • In December, Luke finished all of his course work for his Graduate Program!! I got to Skype with Gentry and make another trip out to Pennsylvania to be with my family.  I also got to celebrate Braden and Remington’s sealing and have a fun time at their beautiful and fun reception. 

I forget which month, but at some point we started house hunting, which although we have had no luck with that so far, it’s been such a new and exciting part of our marriage and growing up.
As you can see….it’s been an amazing year, one of the best.  I can’t complain at all about our lovely little life.
I am so grateful to have the blessings that I do and the family that I have.  Thank you 2012 for being so good to us and allowing us to continue moving forward in life.

January 17, 2013

PA + a Wedding

I love the holidays!  I am sad they are over now.  We spent SO much time with family in December and it was just so much fun.  After the Robinson holiday get-togethers (which were a blast!), we headed down to PA on Christmas day and finally made it in around midnight.  Traveling on Christmas day (other than not being able to spend the whole day in a warm house with family) was actually quite nice; the airports were a lot slower than usual.

Christmas Eve- Christmas call with Gentry!  He's fun and we miss him.  He's out serving in the Paris, France mission for the LDS church.
This is the morning of the 26th with the fam!  Everyone was so nice and waited to have Christmas until the 26th when Luke and I would be in town- so really this is our Christmas morning picture.

Here is the paint-balling crew! Game faces and all!

 Here is the "let's sit and watch crew."  We were so cold and actually didn't watch the paintball game because it was hard to see from where we were.  But I loved being able to get pictures of those who were playing.  I'd love to play sometime!  I just didn't want little Baby R to get hurt somehow.  No one wants pregnant lady out on the field, I'm sure.
 Poor Lily puts up with so much.  I love her face in this picture.  I'm pretty sure she knew that she just needed to be patient and wait it out.  Braden is her friend.
 I got to have a lunch date with Aubrey and Dee while out in PA.  And I also got to meet Dee's little guy!  You can never go wrong with a girls date.
Let's just say that this picture of the Empire State Building represents countless hours of driving around New York City without actually getting out to see anything.  After some of the wedding celebrations, we were out trying to do our own thing and we got so unlucky! It was ridiculous.  There's always next time! We decided next time we go to New York we'd go with a specific plan and have everything really organized and planned out.  I'm actually excited for our future New York trip even though I don't know when it will be.
 C is a working girl now.  Doesn't she look great behind the cash register?! She made the BEST sandwich for us and I don't know who wouldn't want to be greeted by her.
Luke actually got some morning snuggle time in with Lily.  She really warmed up to him much more on this trip than last time!
Let's not forget the forever loved Nielson Talent Show :)
(sorry about the bad lighting)
Braden makes a GREAT Mr. Bean...
Here we are on the BIG day! This is outside the Manhattan Temple before Braden got married.
Just Married! Congrats Braden and Remington!
Sibling picture...We miss you Gentry!

Luke, Mom, and Shea with our yummy after-wedding waffle treats from a street vendor.
At the reception.
Another cute performance by C and B...

This was one of my favorite moments from the reception.  Braden almost started eating his own piece of cake before Remington luckily stopped him!  He forgot they were supposed to feed each other! It was really funny and he was such a good sport about it.

We had a great time!  Everything turned out beautiful.

January 6, 2013

christmas with the robinsons

And here we are at the annual Robinson Christmas party. I wouldn't miss out on the nativity they do...it's pretty legit.  The kids are always too cute.
 Yes, Luke may be missing part of his mustache/beard. I'm pretty sure he was Joseph. I can't remember what my part was...not sure who I look like I should be either :)
A wise man and an angel.
And then there is always the part of the night that the kids ask about from the moment they walk into the door..."Is Santa Coming?!"
I love when Luke gets to play Santa.  It's funny watching him try to get into that big suit.  

 Ready to make an appearance!
I love it. Most of the kids by now have figured it out. There are some that do everything they can to catch Luke in the act of being Santa, but they still haven't caught him so they still allow themselves that piece of hope that it was really Santa who came for a visit. I seriously love it.