March 31, 2013

Baby's first Easter

Happy Easter from us!

March 17, 2013

March 9, 2013

1 month

Baby O is 1 month!

There is so much to be said for everything that has happened in just one month! 
Baby O is our little snuggler and will snuggle anyone who needs to cuddle or just needs some love.  Her favorite position is curled in a ball over your shoulder or on your chest. In fact, when we had our ultrasound at 19 weeks, that’s how we found her- curled up in a ball until she got poked so much she had to move. It seems as though nothing has changed!  She just loves to be held and snuggled back.  Her best cuddle spot is with Luke on the beanbag.
She still has her little head of hair, which we love, and we are hoping it will stay!
After getting her hair washed :)
When she is awake, she is very wide-eyed and aware of what’s around her.  Her eyes will focus on certain things in the room and she will follow objects or people with them as well.  One thing she will focus on all the time is the picture we have of the temple in our front room.  It may just be because it’s in a big black frame against a white wall, but I think it’s so sweet. I like to think that she knows what the temple is and that it’s a really special place. 
She LOVES her hands!  Recently she has been sucking on them more often.  Because she is still working on muscle control and coordination, she can’t always keep them up by her mouth, but she’s working on it.  Sometimes she will even get a finger or two in there, but she usually just fists it.  Sometimes when she’s trying to get her fingers in her mouth, her gums get in the way and she can’t figure out why she can’t get her fingers in.  She just keeps hitting her gums. It’s kind of funny.
I love this little girl’s feet!  There is nothing better than baby feet and toes.  They are so sweet and little. I can’t wait for warmer weather so she doesn’t have to always be bundled up in socks.  She constantly spreads her toes. It is so funny and cute!  
One thing she will do on occasion is stick her legs out straight and just hold them there. This usually happens when she is stretching, or if her diaper is being changed, or if she is cold or mad.  She tightens up her little bum cheeks and sticks those legs straight out and there is no getting them to move until she is ready. She’s a strong little girl.
I know this picture isn't the best quality, but aren't her legs so funny? She just holds them there.
Oh yeah, and Baby O snorts sometimes. It’s so funny!!  When this happens, I call her my snorty little girl.  It’s a good thing that everything babies do, no matter what it is, it’s just so cute.  Too bad it’s different for adults.
When we first brought her home she hated getting her diaper changed. Probably because the wipes were so cold! (We now have a wipe warmer, which I would recommend) Every time- and I mean literally every time we would change her diaper, she would just start peeing all over everything. I thought only little boys did that.  Luke got sprayed with poop a few times as well.

Baby O was laying on her back on the floor one day and rolled over on her side out of nowhere.  I don’t know when that will be happening again!
Baby O had her first Father’s blessing from Luke on Sunday, February 24.  It was sweet. Her umbilical cord finally came off with a little help from me on March 5. Just 4 days ago! It was on way long! I’ve heard they typically fall off after 10 days.  Today I weighed her on our scale (not quite sure about accuracy), but it said she is 9.5 pounds.  Way to go baby!
She is honestly the sweetest baby and so happy and mellow.  She occasionally gets a little fussy. When that happens I just call her my Moody Judy, but otherwise she is just a little dream baby.  With how happy she typically is we are really hoping she will start smiling soon!
Moody Judy faces: