April 24, 2013


We finally had our Valentine's Day date...in March :)  Tepanyaki...yes please.

Baby O has been making friends.
I had a birthday! ...Filled with good company and good food.

Someone stole my birthday present from my mom off of our front porch! Thanks for leaving the empty box for us to find. It was a real treat.

Baby O cheered Dad on at his soccer game.

I crafted/sewed a bit. Made this for a friend at work...
O rides in style when she goes on walks with Dad.

And Malcom got voted off of Survivor tonight...I hated every minute of it.

April 13, 2013

little model

I know I've posted tons about baby O recently, but I have to post something else.

She had this cute little photo shoot that is too precious not to share.

These photos were taken by Bella Baby Photography when she was still in the hospital and just 1 day old.  Like I said, they are so precious.

Such a sweet little innocent baby.

April 9, 2013

2 months

Baby O is 2 months!

Baby O is getting so big!  It's crazy how much babies grow, but how gradual it is.  All of the sudden one day I looked at her and thought, "Oh my gosh, you grew up!"  And comparing pictures of her now to when she was first born kind of makes my jaw drop.  However, she is still just so little and perfect.
 See how much bigger she is now? Oh, and this top picture is also of her blowing bubbles, which she started doing this past month.
Baby O smiles!  These smiles are few and far between, but we sure love them.  It's amazing how a smile can totally make your day and make the rough moments totally worth it.  I was ecstatic when she finally started gracing us with these smiles.
Her very first smile caught on camera :)
 And a few others...
This month we learned that O doesn't like lots of chocolate, onions, or garlic.  It's amazing the difference changing my diet has made. We have our happy baby back! Don't worry Baby O, one day chocolate won't hurt your tummy anymore and you'll love it as much as me! 

She has been interested in sucking occasionally on her clothing or my clothing if she's up on my shoulder. O likes to be facing forward so she can see what's going on.  She doesn't like being stuck in her car seat.  This makes driving places and running errands hard. However, she does like being in her car seat when she gets to go for a walk.

We had a humorous moment the other day when Baby O was waking up. She always flails her hands and arms around when she's waking up from a nap. This time she hit herself in the face.  She got still for a moment, registered what had just happened, then started crying.  Poor thing.  It didn't hurt her, it just startled her, but it was funny.
Rough life...

Baby O sleeps pretty good at night. She will usually do at least one 4 hour stretch and then smaller stretches afterwards or before, depending on how long she sleeps. She typically goes to bed around midnight, will wake up to eat at 4:30a, then sleep again until 7.

O's favorite, most interesting spot is in the bathroom where the lights are really bright and where she has a huge mirror to look into.  It hasn't failed yet to get her to stop crying.

Big moments for this past month include:
March 12- took a bottle for the first time. She did it with no problem!
April 7- Baby's Blessing.

Don't worry...she's still rockin' the double chin and chubby cheeks.

 And here we are today after a sleepless night. How is she still not tired?
Happy 2 months little girl!

April 8, 2013

back to work

Today was my first day back to work.  Mondays are only a 4 hour work day for me... but still.  I snuggled Baby O as much as I could this morning. Then I met Luke at my work and did the trade off thing in the pouring rain.

Let's not talk about the fact that my family had to get on a plane this morning and head back to PA. Or the fact that pumping at work was a little bit of a disaster. FAIL! (kind of made for a good story though).

But, now I'm back home, snuggling this cute girl and reminding myself that I get to stay home all day tomorrow with her!