May 30, 2013



This is Luke's tire that decided to blow as we were getting onto I-15! Scary right?  You hear of so many accidents that happen that way.  All 3 of us were in the car when it happened and I didn't really understand what was going on. I just heard a really weird noise and noticed that Luke started pulling over really, really fast.  We were so lucky there was a dirt pull off right where we were.  As soon as we pulled off the road we just see Luke's tire start rolling across the dirt.  "And there goes my tire" were Luke's words.  Oh jeeze.
Honestly, I feel like we got so lucky.  Had the tire rolled to the left instead of the right, it would have headed right into I-15 traffic and who knows what that could have started.  Had the tire continued rolling just 2 feet further from where it stopped, it would have also rolled into oncoming traffic.  I am just glad that we were all safe and no one else was affected by the blowout.  I'm also glad that Luke knows how to change a tire and that O slept through the whole ordeal.
Since Luke has all wheel drive, when 1 tire needs to be replaced, he has to replace all 4.  At $200 a tire, that gets pretty pricey.

We made the decision to trade his car in.  We had been talking about it for a while, but when this happened we decided it was a good time.  This way we will have 2 cars that we can both drive (since I can't drive manual) and we were able to get way more out of his car now than if we had waited. Luke can now drive my civic to Wasatch County for work and put miles on that instead of his WRX.

Now we have this Subaru Forester beauty and we love it!  Plus, the baby's seat fits now instead of us having to move the passenger seat all the way up when she's in the car.  Good times.

3rd anniversary

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! We kept it simple this year.
Bruges Waffles was a must for breakfast! (If you live in the Salt Lake area and you haven't tried it, it's a must!)
We hiked Ensign Peak.  It was a gorgeous day and it was so great to be doing something active and outdoors again, but this time with baby.

We went to the Bountiful Temple where we were married.

For dinner we had a picnic dinner at Sugarhouse Park with sandwiches from Moochies.

 And ended the day with a Bingo game made up by moi.

May 17, 2013

mother's day

Here is what I believe about the role of a mother- It is the most important job in the entire world.   I believe that what we do and how we parent our children matters and shouldn't be something that we are only partially invested in.  Our children learn to rely on us and what we teach them.  Their confidence and self worth first comes from us. Although some days may seem mundane, I truly believe that this is the most important thing I could be doing right now.

I love rocking sweet O to sleep every night.  I change her diaper and get her in her pjs. I feed her, burp her, and swaddle her. Then we sit in the glider. I rock her and sing her songs. I go through the same ones every night…’A’ You’re Adorable, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I am a Child of God, The ABC’s, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Jesus Said Love Everyone, and also one that I made up…”I love you Livvy, oh yes I do. I love you Livvy, and I’ll be true. When you’re not near me, I’m blue. Dear Livvy, I love you!”  I’m pretty sure I stole that off of Bye Bye Birdie and just changed the words a tad. J  Anyway, she falls asleep and it’s our nighttime routine and I absolutely love that time together with her.  Since Luke gets up for work at 4a some mornings, I sometimes am also awake feeding Livvy at that time.  Let’s be honest, I am usually not my happy self at that time in the morning and I can be even grumpier if she has woken up several times on that particular night.  One morning Luke’s alarm went off while I was feeding her and he came into the room to say good morning.  I remember feeling so tired and wishing that I could just have a normal nights sleep without interruptions.  Luke just looked at us and said, “I’m jealous that you get this time with her.”  It really put things into perspective for me.  Although it is tiresome and I have no idea when I will get a full night sleep again, those moments are so precious with my baby.  I am so needed by her and no one else can give her what I can.  I would be incredibly jealous if it was ONLY Luke that could feed her when she was hungry, and ONLY Luke that got up with her each night.  Although sometimes hard, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I realize I was taking those moments for granted. I realize now that those moments are moments no one else can have with my sweet girl and I’m so lucky to be able to experience those moments.  It will be gone too soon to take for granted anymore.

Thanks Luke and Baby O for making Mother's Day a great day!

May 9, 2013

o is 3 months old!

We got out all of the 3-6 month clothes for her. She pretty much has a brand new wardrobe now!  I love how big she is getting and that she is so aware of her surroundings now.  She watches people walk in and out of the room and she’ll follow me with her eyes as I’m cooking dinner, etc.
This past month she began to be able to reach out and touch things. She is still working on her fine motor skills so she can’t grab onto things necessarily yet, but she’ll reach for them.  She also loves little blankets. She grabs them and shoves them into her mouth. It keeps her entertained for quite a while.
            This month has been the month of bubbles and drool. We knew it had to come at some point.  Usually O’s shirts are sopping wet all down the front due to this problem, which she seems to love.  It’s also pretty typical to feel something cold and wet suddenly dripping down your arm when you’re holding her.  She’s definitely a keeper!  We continue to LOVE her smiles, which we are seeing tons more of!

I have 5 favorite pictures from this month, and no I could not narrow it down! She's too darn cute.
Cute little chipmunk cheeks.
 I seriously love these morning smiles.
 Such a little sweetheart.
 Maybe it's a mom thing, but I died over this picture. I was just snapping photos one morning of her before I went to work. I didn't look at them until I was at work and found this. Gotta love these little smiley faces!
 Just cute cute cute.

O's Baby Blessing

Baby O was blessed on April 7.  We were so lucky to have so much family in town that day. I loved having the blessing with just family members, separate from Sacrament Mtg.  The experience seemed so much more focused on Baby O and the setting was more intimate.

When Baby O was 2 1/2 weeks old, we took her to get some pictures in her blessing dress. My mom made the dress and it's absolutely gorgeous!

Here are pics from the day of her blessing.  O is lucky to have such an awesome dad who offered a beautiful blessing.

general conference weekend

I have to say, I love general conference weekend. I love listening to all of the talks. I always feel so uplifted afterwards and full of hope. To listen to general conference, you can go here.

My family was in town for the weekend (hooray!).  Here is a little photo dump...
(This is the way to listen to conference...)
This picture had me laughing! Baby O was smiling literally like 0.2 seconds before this and as soon as I snapped the picture she started screaming.  C's expression says it all, "Here we go again."  O sure was the center of attention!