June 9, 2013

4 months

O is 4 months old! 
The thing I love the most about O is her big gummy smile! I can never get enough of it!  She is such a happy girl and an all over easy baby.
Here is what she’s been doing this month…
She is still making bubbles and sometimes looks like a tiny Santa Clause with a beard of bubbles. 
The giggling has begun!  The giggles are few and far between and I have to work hard for them, but they are worth it!
This baby definitely found her voice.  She’s a talker and for the first 2 days she was so interested in the sound of her voice that her loud squeals literally gave me a headache.  It is honestly the cutest sound and we may have a future singer.
(talking/singing here)
She is almost too big for her bouncer.  If she doesn’t become a singer, we may have a gymnast on our hands because I catch her doing back bends and all sorts of things in there.
She has also started to grab her little feet and toes and it keeps her pretty well entertained.  Today I even caught her putting her toes in her mouth.  I have a feeling we will be seeing more of that.
Baby O had her first pedicure and now has pretty pink toes. I resisted for as long as possible.
Our little snuggly girl is no longer so snuggly. She likes to be up and moving around. She is definitely curious about EVERYTHING and will really only snuggle you when she is about to drift off into sleep.
Speaking of sleep, on June 4, O started sleeping in her crib, which means she is now in her own room!  She still gets up 2 or 3 times a night, but she is consistent with bedtime and waking up in the morning.

Such a fun girl!

Here are a few favorite pics from this month:
At the Farmer's Market