July 9, 2013

5 months

O is 5 months old! 

…And still a content and happy baby!  Poppy (Grandpa Nielson), requested a picture of a meltdown since all the pictures he receives are always of her smiling.  I had to put her on her tummy just to get the picture.  Tummy time, too much noise, and strangers are what get to her.  If that’s the case, she’ll let you know.
           She is rolling over like a champ, but when she rolls onto her tummy, she can’t always get back onto her back.  Frustration ensues when this happens.
            O went swimming for the first time!  She kept a straight face the entire time, clearly concentrating and taking it all in.  But, she loved it enough that we bought a pool pass.
O loves bath time and has learned how to splash! This makes bath time and pool time even more wet for Mom, but way more fun.  In the bath, O kicks around and then constantly turns her head to the side and starts lapping up the water like a dog.  This is the first time I’ve started telling her no.  I find myself saying, “No, no, no, no. Don’t eat the soap!”  She loves it, though.
        She uses her feet like hands. Those feet are constantly moving and reaching for things.
        Due to many trips to the library and owning lots of books, O loves to be read to.  Her body tenses up and she’ll start talking and hit the pages of the book.  Or, when she is mellow, she’ll sit back and constantly look up at the person reading and smile.
       In her 4 month entry I mentioned that she is no longer very snuggly. I would have to take that back.  Although she doesn’t curl up in a ball in my arms all the time like she did when she was a newborn, she still can be quite snuggly and huggy. I’ve been noticing it all month.
Some favorite pics-

We love our girl!

July 8, 2013

father's day

O definitely got a few great qualities from Luke. One of which is that she can smile right at the peak of my frustration and make me smile too.  How does she do it? Like when it's 3:30a and she decides that she wants to be wide awake. But she decides that not only is she wide awake, but happy too and is grinny at me the whole time, making me grin as well. Yep, gets that from Luke.

If I'm being honest, O is a mommy's girl, but I keep reminding Luke that it won't be long before she wants nothing to do with me and everything to do with him.

O can be so sweet with Luke. She gets excited when he walks in the door after a long day of work and she's great at giving him big open mouth kisses.  Luke is even more sweet with her.  Luke always thinks to read with her and she loves it.  He proudly carries her everywhere we go- forgoing the stroller option.  I love overhearing him singing to her in her room before she goes to bed.

I believe that a father's role is critical in the life of a child.  I am grateful to be married to someone who takes that role seriously and is beyond excited to be a dad.

AND...I love this video.