September 28, 2013

wedding time!

My best friend (who also happens to be my cousin) got married!

She married the greatest guy on the prettiest day and had the most beautiful wedding colors.

Bridal Shower...
Visit from my mom!  
(O really loves her Grandma!)
Family dinner at the Olive Garden the night before the big day...
 All 3 of us cute cousins together at the same time for the first time in a long time!
 Roommate reunions! (Oh, how I miss college life sometimes!)
O LOVES Amy...and her necklace.
My handsome hubby and me.
 Gorgeous bride.
 Pretty little O.

September 14, 2013

luke is the big 29!

So I successfully pulled off Luke's surprise Couples Minute to Win it party!

And, well...I guess there were parts of the surprise party that I didn't pull off so well-  but it was SO MUCH FUN!

Let's just say I was a little in over my head- inviting like 16 couples, which equals 32 people. But, even though I stressed about the fact that I wanted everyone there, but realized we would have WAY too many people, the turn out was great and worked out perfectly!

If you ever need someone to help you plan a surprise party, I can be pretty sneaky...
No one would have ever known I was hiding 1292 cupcakes in the fridge.
I had everyone come in team shirts and with a team name. (I forgot to get a picture of each couple...woops).

We played "A Bit Dicey"...
(stack 6 die on a popsicle stick that is held in your mouth)
Game #2 was "Face the Cookie"...
This was hard...and really funny. You were supposed to put a cookie on your forehead and using only your face, get the cookie into your mouth. You were supposed to do that with 3 cookies!  After no one was getting it, we made the new rule that you only had to get 1 cookie in your mouth. Good job to the winners of this game- it was tough!

Game #3 was "Junk in the Trunk"
-No pictures! Grrr..
But this game was super fun.  You have to tie a tissue box around your waist so that it sits at the small of your back. In the tissue box were 6 ping pong balls and without using your hands you have to get all 6 ping pong balls out of the box.  People were getting their groove on.

Game #4 was "Nose Dive"
This was my personal fav.  Without using your hands, apply Vaseline to your nose and transfer 5 cotton balls one at a time from one plate to another.

(There's Luke!)
And yes, we did have an official scoreboard along with awesome dollar store prizes!
And of course pizza and cupcakes to celebrate the birthday boy!
Now I can also cross off throwing a Minute to Win it party off the bucket list.  Everyone should throw or go to a Minute to Win it party at least once in their life!

September 12, 2013

4th of july

I know I am really behind on here...however slowly but surely I will get caught up!

I do want to document our 4th of July.  The South Salt Lake parade goes right in front of our house. Every year I have been too lazy to get up to watch it, but I guess things change when you have a baby. We had fun watching the parade and even got to wave to several people who we know who were a part of it.  Here is a picture of our friends Carol and Kenneth.  O performed some alligator tears for us when the fire trucks drove by. Poor girl.

Fireworks were in our driveway that night and we had fun having people over for it. Thanks to our friends who came! Baby O slept through them luckily!

September 10, 2013

7 months

…She’s more than half way to being 1 YEAR OLD! They say time flies, but really, it does.

On 8.20.13 O tried rice cereal for the first time.  She seemed pretty indifferent to it.  We tried bananas for a week, which she seemed to not care for, and last night we did carrots, which I think she liked.  Food is fun and messy.  I am loving her eating faces.
On 9.1.13 we started sleep training.  O now only eats once a night and no longer sleeps with her pacifier.  I thought this would be super hard on her, but she’s a champ and has never slept better! I honestly could not believe it.  O seems to be sleeping a little sounder and miraculously is sleeping until 7a now instead of waking at 5:45a. Mom and Dad are getting more sleep too, so everyone is happy.  Before starting the sleep training, there were nights that she was honestly up once an hour all night long needing someone to find her pacifier again for her. not fun. She still wakes up a few different times in the night, but will easily put herself back to sleep. sigh of relief.
It is very apparent when O is excited about something. You can see the excitement from her head to her toes! 
Olivia is sitting up for bath time now.  She also helps me fold laundry each week.  She feels and tastes the clothes to make sure they are clean while I fold.
Speaking of laundry, dangling a shirt in front of O’s face gets her squealing every time.  The simplest things make this little girl so happy.  The doorknob on our bedroom door is right by our mirror.  Every time we are looking in the mirror, she lunges for the doorknob.  Seriously, it’s the small things that make life good for this girl. 
This past month, more and more people are saying that she looks just like her dad.  I would have to agree…but what do you think?

Favorite pictures from the month:

September 4, 2013

6 months!

This is long overdue!

6 months is quite a milestone! 
Our sweet girl has started babbling.  We hear lots of “mah mah mah’s” and “bah bah bah’s”.  Occasionally I also hear “blah blah blah”.  We love her sweet sounds. 
O is interested in everything and everyone. She doesn’t miss a thing and constantly wants to interact.  I started thinking about how social she was.  Then, within a week, almost everyone who came into contact with her told me that exact same thing as well.  We’ve got quite a social girl on our hands.
O started reaching for people and things.  It all started while we were sitting in church with Luke’s parents.  She sat on Luke’s lap, then would reach for her Grandpa, then reach back for Luke, then reach for me, etc.  It has been fun experiencing this new form of communication with her.
She’s quite assertive.  She will lunge with absolutely no warning for anything in sight that she may want.  This one doesn’t hold back.

If her hands can’t reach it, her toes will…you can be sure of that.
O started sitting up!  One of her favorite things to do is to sit with her basket of toys in front of her and choose things from it.  Mom might also take this as a daily opportunity to run preference assessment tests on her toys.
Her current object of choice is Mom’s wallet, which she is not allowed to have unless Mom REALLY needs her quiet.  She has also become interested in tags….tags on toys/blankets…wherever.
And those little arms…I swear she could fly. She is like a little bee.  She moves them up and down so fast when she gets excited. 

Liv has also been perfecting her kisses.  Giving big, open-mouthed kisses is her favorite! 

6-Month Check Up-
Weight: 16 pounds 7 ounces
Length: 27 inches
Head Circumference: 43.5 cm

Some favorite pictures from the month: