October 15, 2013

8 months

O is 8 months old! What a fun girl!
This month O starting clicking her tongue and has been quite intrigued! 

She started showing off a new scrunchy face that’s pretty cute/funny.
 She helps me turn the pages in her books when we are reading and she loves on her stuffed animals by grabbing them and squeezing them up against her mouth while making a growling noise.
 O also got to check out the swings at the park for the first time. She loves them! We only wish the warm weather would last!
And this little sweet pea started riding in her new big girl stroller!  Day #1 in it wasn’t as fun as I thought it might be.  Every time I tried to talk to her or get a smile she would have none of it. But ever since, her and the stroller have made peace.
On September 10th, Luke and O came home from some Daddy/daughter time with a little red beta fish… Apparently O’s first pet.  We named her Tia. Luke informed me that O said I could take care of it.
On September 11th, she slept through the night for the first time ever (from 8:30p-7a).  Unfortunately that was the first and only time, but it’s still noteworthy!
Let's not forget that O also got to experience her first REAL Salt Lake game! Luke was so proud! O cheered and squealed along with the rest of us the whole time :)
And the biggest news is that on September 27th, O started sporting her first tooth!  It’s her bottom right front tooth.  We will miss her big gummy smile, but that tooth sure is cute. It came out of nowhere and was a big surprise to me when I felt it that morning in her mouth!

Favorites from this month: