December 13, 2013

10 months!

O is 10 months old! 
She just keeps getting more and more fun!  This month brought lots of standing and more babbling.  She has even ventured to standing without holding onto anything.  This has only lasted for a few seconds, but I still think she’s a brave girl!
O loves books and finger foods. Her favorite finger food is black beans and I think that she prefers veggies to fruit; but she is not a picky eater. She loves having her hair brushed and dance parties in the kitchen to Christmas music.  Her hair is growing so that it looks like she has little wings over her ears.
And she is crawling up the stairs like it is no big deal.
We get to see more and more of her little personality every day.  She is the most curious little girl.  She ALWAYS wants to be involved.  No matter how content she seems to be while doing something, the minute something changes, whether that is a person coming or going, a new sound she hears, or an object placed in the room that wasn’t there before, O is all over it and immediately has got to check it out to see what’s going on.   She also teaches me about being happy in every situation.  For example, one night we had to walk for a few minutes in some REALLY cold weather.  I was NOT happy about it. But, there was O- freezing, but all smiles!  However, at times she does love her share of drama as well.  We occasionally experience some random squawking followed by her dramatically throwing her head and upper body backwards.  We love her!

This past month she got 2 more teeth!  Tooth #2 was her bottom left front tooth, which came in on Nov. 18.  And tooth #3 was her top left front tooth, which came the first week of December.   

Some favorite pictures from this past month-