August 12, 2014

more on Olivia

There have been some of the sweetest moments and experiences I’ve had with Olivia that I have been randomly jotting down…So I am finally putting it all together, because I don’t want to forget some of these fun memories that have happened between 12 and 18 months of age.

            I don’t want to forget the sound of the pitter-patter of her little feet running across the floor or that sometimes, when she has too much to hold in her hands, she tries to stash things under her neck.  I don’t want to forget about the times that I found twisty ties in Luke’s Sunday shoes or the way she tries to pick up the tiniest of objects off of the ground with her pointer finger and thumb.  Even when the objects are too small for her to actually grasp, she still pretends to eat whatever it was or throw it off to the side anyways.  I don’t want to forget the weekend vacation spent sharing a room with Liv and listening to her little baby snores.  I don’t want to forget the way she puts her arms up when she wants to be held- hands stretched out, angled to the side, fingers spread.  Sometimes, she tries to pick up crumbs with her fork.  I’m going to miss the way she stands on her tippy toes just to see out the window.  Those little legs have got some serious muscle. Once, after I turned off the faucet during her bath, she watched with anticipation as water would slowly continue to drop out of the faucet. Every time a little drop would fall and hit the water, she’d give out a little squeal.  I don’t want to forget the way she grabs for the corners of her blanket to suck or to chew, or to just simply hold.  On May 1st, Olivia voluntarily gave me 3 kisses while we were at the park.  She also learned to climb in and out of her stroller.  I love the way she sweetly says hi and tenderly, yet eagerly waves.  She says hi to people and things she sees out the window, to her stuffed animals, to her toys in the bathtub, to the heater in her room (which she has also hugged a time or two), and to the people in the pictures posted on our fridge.  I love the way she will hold out her hand when she needs help or takes my hand to lead me somewhere.  Holding hands is the best and she will do this with little friends too.  I love watching her blow on her food when it’s too hot, or watching her pick dandelions and blow on those as well.

August 9, 2014

Olivia is 18 months old!

           I remember getting 18 month old clothes for her as gifts from people before she was even born and not even being able to comprehend having an 18 month old.  But here it is!  And Olivia is amazing as ever.
            I feel like there is so much to say because Olivia has really developed in so many ways in the last 6 months.  I will just write as much as I have been recording.  There has been little to no organization to all of the information I have been storing up on this little one for the past 6 months- so I will do my best!
-At 12 months old (end of February), Olivia started walking! 
·     = First word: Olivia said, “Hi!” at 12 months old!  It took me a little bit to realize that she was in fact saying “hi”.  It always sounded like she was, but I was never quite sure.  So, the day she said it loud and clear, I realized that ever since she was 12 months old, she had been communicating that.    
    - On March 31st (13 ½ months old), our little family was shopping at Wal-Mart and we walked passed the big bin of balls.  Olivia looked at the balls and said “Ball!”  It was loud and clear!  Luke and I both looked at each other- amazed.  This was before I had even realized that she had been saying “hi” for the last month, so I literally thought that this was her first word and it came out of no where.  In that moment, we were the proudest parents ever standing there in Wal-Mart asking her to say it again and again. So fun.
    -On March 31st I also noticed her 2 top molars (one on each side) coming in.  No wonder the poor girl hadn’t slept well and had a fever.  Olivia has a lot of teeth.  I’m not even sure how many she is supposed to have, but I’m pretty sure she has almost all of them.
·      = April 9th- I said, “Where’s your tongue?” and she stuck her tongue out. 
    -Olivia had her first ER visit on Father’s Day (June 15th).  We had gone on a short walk with her, and due to the easy injury of pulling on an outstretched arm, her elbow popped out of place and she had what is called Nursemaid’s Elbow.   It was not a fun experience for any of us, but luckily it was a quick fix with no complications whatsoever.  Once Olivia was out of the hospital room and had her little cup of water with it’s own lid and straw that was given to her by the nurse, she was a happy camper once again!
    -Over the past 6 months, Olivia’s words and sounds have been slowly gathering speed.  At 16 months, Olivia’s chatting really picked up.  She talks with so much enthusiasm.  She will get up very close to me (about 2 inches from my face), look right into my eyes and just chat away.  I absolutely love it.  Her tone of voice changes and her hands will move along with her words as well.
   -Olivia can point to most body parts when we ask her where things are.  “Nose” was the first one she learned. Sometimes she will get tongue and tummy confused.  Her most recent, and one of my most favorites, is her bum.  It seems as if we are constantly saying, “Please sit on your bum. Please sit on your bum-bum.” when she is sitting in a normal adult chair at the table.  She will put her hand on her bum and say, “bum-bum” over and over.
    -Olivia can wave and blow kisses and plays patty cake.  She does the spider motions to “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and she does the wheel motions for “The Wheels On the Bus”. 
    -On July 22nd, Olivia and I were looking at pictures of our family and pointing out Mom and Dad.  Ever since, she has been calling Luke “Dad” all the time, and she does it with a lot of enthusiasm! It’s awesome.  I specifically remember, on July 24th, that Luke was picking apricots from his Grandma Taylor’s tree.  Olivia and I walked past and she stopped and pointed right at him and said, “Dad!”  She can say “Mama” really well, but doesn’t actually call me that like she calls Luke Dad.  I point to myself and say, “Mama” to try and get her to do it, but with no luck yet.  One day, Olivia was playing in the living room and she pointed to herself, and with lots of energy said, “Mama!”  I think I may have confused her :)
   -I hope I am not leaving anything out, but here are the words Olivia can currently say…And I’m trying to put them in the order of when she started saying them.
-Hi, ball, book, bath, banana (nananana), choo choo, shoes, baby, swing (wing), dog, bird, duck, tree, Dad, Mama, bye-bye, bum, 1-2-3!  (two-weeee!), turtle. Everything after “shoes” happened when she was 17 months old.  Olivia is mimicking a lot of our words too, but not actually saying them.  Some examples are “All done!”  She isn’t pronouncing it, but she makes sounds in the same tone as how we say it to her -if that makes sense.  She also can mimic “thank you” when I ask her to say that as well.  I can hear the syllables, but it doesn’t sound like the actual word.
-Olivia has been doing sounds for a while.  The ones we hear a lot are woof woof (dog), moo (cow), rawer (tiger/lion), tweet-tweet (bird), choo-choo (train), zoom (car/airplane/motorcycle).

Olivia has been laughing and giggling a lot.  Most of the time it’s a response to things that are funny to her, but sometimes it’s at herself because she thinks she’s funny or sometimes she will just laugh because others around her are laughing and she wants to join in.  It’s really cute.  She loves to crawl on Luke and loves being chased and being told, “I’m going to get you!”  She loves running and climbing on the couch and having someone follow her and start tickling her.  Her neck is extremely ticklish.  From 12-16 months, when she would be eating, sometimes she would get in her own little world and stare off into space for a while.  Olivia loves taking caps and lids on and off of things- especially chap stick and water bottles.    Olivia loves reading books and will voluntarily bring me books and sit right down in my lap so that I will read to her.  In the past 2 weeks she has also been doing a ton of independent reading to herself.  It’s bittersweet to not be able to cuddle her as much while we read, but it’s so rewarding to watch her do those things by herself.  Olivia loves listening to all of the sounds outside.  She will stop dead in her tracks when we hear the train, an airplane, or a big truck or car going by.  She loves to mimic the sounds and find whatever it is and point to it as it goes by.  Recently, she really has had a thing for cars and trucks and loves seeing them on the road or in the parking lot.  Olivia loves wearing her hat (Finally! It helps keep the sun out of her eyes since she won’t wear sunglasses).  She once had a meltdown when I wouldn’t let her wear it in the tub.  Olivia loves music, dancing, and singing.  She sings along with a cute sing-songy voice to music when we have it playing and even sings along at church.  Every time we hear music, she starts moving her arms up and down.  It doesn’t matter where she is or where the music is coming from.  We were at the park and she stopped everything she was doing to have a mini dance party when a car drove by with its music really loud.  2 days ago, Luke took her shopping and she stopped in the doorway of every store that was playing music to take a second to do her dance.  Apparently it didn’t matter if people were trying to come in or out of the store either.  She just wanted to stand there and dance.  She will point to my computer and then move her arms up and down, indicating that she would please like me to play Pandora Radio for her. Olivia loves REAL Salt Lake and will watch highlights with Dad on his computer and pump her fist in the air while mimicking to the best of her ability, “Go REAL!”  Olivia loves drawing and coloring and is right handed.  Olivia has also learned how to fold her arms during prayer time and is even really patient while we pray while she waits for her food. 

            Favorite song: Old McDonald
            Favorite place to be: Outside
New favorite pace to play: Inside of our parked cars.  She crawls all over the seats and explores every single button and gadget. And then she cries when we are all done for the day.
Favorite summer fruit: Apricots from Grandma Taylor’s tree.  Olivia can be found begging by the fridge for an apricot and then can be found with half of an apricot in her hand sitting in our living room by or on the couch, eating it and enjoying her peace and quiet while she does.

Dislikes: Until 5 days ago, she really disliked brushing her teeth.  We had to start doing our tooth brushing routine while she was in the bathtub so that she had some distraction during that time.  Also dislikes long car rides, but sometimes surprises us and is really patient and does really well!  Olivia also won’t eat ham?!? I’m not sure why. She always picks it off of her sandwiches.

May 29, 2014

Olivia's 1st birthday party

We had fun celebrating Olivia's first birthday with family and some close friends.
Luke and I had a little too much fun getting her gifts ready...
I did everything I could to keep it simple and I liked how everything turned out.
We played a fun game of Baby O bingo and then had snacks while O opened presents.  Liv loved her cake, but was a little confused as to why all eyes were on her :)
I made this cute birthday hat for her to wear, but she adamantly refused and would start whimpering every time I'd try and get her to wear it.  So, I'll just document that I had it with this picture!
Happy Birthday O!

March 18, 2014

1 year!

Olivia turned 1 in February! 
This sweet girl now has 8 teeth!
 She started sleeping through the night on Sunday, January 26th!  She wakes up early (5:45/6a-which we are working on), but Mom and Dad are oh, so happy that she is sleeping!
Olivia puts everything in her mouth-all the little things that get lost in the carpet that I didn’t even know were there.  She chats to her stuffed animals and hugs them and kisses them.  She sings now too and it’s so fun to listen to that little sing songy voice.  Her favorite thing recently is to play with Dad's iPad and to mooch food off of Dad while he’s eating.  She’s the best at it!
On Wednesday, January 29th, we witnessed Olivia’s first steps.  She is very careful and cautious about walking and will only take 1-3 steps at a time.  Even venturing out to those few steps hardly ever happens, but we love to cheer her on.
She has adjusted to crawling in dresses.  Since the dress easily gets caught under her knees, she simply crawls on her hands and feet with her bum high in the air!
Liv loves to talk with her hands.  Typically, she points/waves a finger at you the entire time if you are having a conversation with her.
We love her! It’s been a good year!

1 year stats: weighs 19.5 pounds and is 29 inches long.

Favorites from the month:
 Eating a frozen strawberry-
Attacking her bff- because you know, she gets excited.
And this must be her best moment caught on camera yet!

January 25, 2014

the end of 2013

We had a busy, yet wonderful end to 2013.
Luke helped cut the Thanksgiving turkey and then the following day we moved.  We moved to Wasatch County. We packed and cleaned and unloaded and did our best to get baby O settled and used to her new surroundings. Despite change, which is always hard for me, we love it here.  But, in the few days before leaving Salt Lake for good, I kept thinking about all that would be left job, play dates for Olivia, etc.  But, most importantly, I thought about the good people, our neighbors, that we would be leaving behind.  I wanted to pack them all up and take them with me.

However, when I picked up O after my last day of work, I hugged her a little closer because I was so grateful that I had her and Luke.  They will never be left behind and every adventure we take in this life will be taken together as a family and I will always have them.

Despite the craziness of moving, we had a wonderful holiday season. Luke played Santa.  We attended my brother's gorgeous wedding.  We spent Christmas doing things we love with people we love.  And now we are on to a new year!
Santa...played by Luke.
 O wasn't too sure...
 Wedding day for G and K!
 Beautiful temple lights in Washington D. C.
 This sweet babe on Christmas morning.

January 13, 2014

11 months!

A lot has been happening with our little girl!
The very day she turned 11 months, O decided that she was done nursing for good. She really likes to play and we have noticed that she tries to get our attention specifically so that she can have playful interactions with us. On December 13th during lunchtime, she challenged me to a game of  peek-a-boo.  She also has started waving “hi” and “bye”. She keeps testing out her legs by walking with her "walker".  She still loves music and has started bouncing along when she hears it. She still giggles when we are dancing in the kitchen or when someone is dancing with her.  Oh, and Tylenol…yes. She LOVES the taste of Tylenol. 
(I love how she squishes her cheeks in this video!)

This past month, she has been more of a mommy’s girl.  Who knows if that is due to her age, traveling, teething, or occasionally not feeling good.  She tried a lemon for the first time! We could tell by her reaction that it was sour, but she kept coming back for more! 
O’s top right tooth came in just after she turned 10 months.  The top teeth are proving to be more brutal than the bottom.  On January 6th, her 3rd bottom tooth came in. She now has a total of 5 teeth!
Favorite pics from this past month:
Got rice? Because O her nose.
 I've got my hair slicked sideways and my purse.  Swagger...
 I think I'll just rest my head on my hand here.