January 25, 2014

the end of 2013

We had a busy, yet wonderful end to 2013.
Luke helped cut the Thanksgiving turkey and then the following day we moved.  We moved to Wasatch County. We packed and cleaned and unloaded and did our best to get baby O settled and used to her new surroundings. Despite change, which is always hard for me, we love it here.  But, in the few days before leaving Salt Lake for good, I kept thinking about all that would be left behind...my job, play dates for Olivia, etc.  But, most importantly, I thought about the good people, our neighbors, that we would be leaving behind.  I wanted to pack them all up and take them with me.

However, when I picked up O after my last day of work, I hugged her a little closer because I was so grateful that I had her and Luke.  They will never be left behind and every adventure we take in this life will be taken together as a family and I will always have them.

Despite the craziness of moving, we had a wonderful holiday season. Luke played Santa.  We attended my brother's gorgeous wedding.  We spent Christmas doing things we love with people we love.  And now we are on to a new year!
Santa...played by Luke.
 O wasn't too sure...
 Wedding day for G and K!
 Beautiful temple lights in Washington D. C.
 This sweet babe on Christmas morning.

January 13, 2014

11 months!

A lot has been happening with our little girl!
The very day she turned 11 months, O decided that she was done nursing for good. She really likes to play and we have noticed that she tries to get our attention specifically so that she can have playful interactions with us. On December 13th during lunchtime, she challenged me to a game of  peek-a-boo.  She also has started waving “hi” and “bye”. She keeps testing out her legs by walking with her "walker".  She still loves music and has started bouncing along when she hears it. She still giggles when we are dancing in the kitchen or when someone is dancing with her.  Oh, and Tylenol…yes. She LOVES the taste of Tylenol. 
(I love how she squishes her cheeks in this video!)

This past month, she has been more of a mommy’s girl.  Who knows if that is due to her age, traveling, teething, or occasionally not feeling good.  She tried a lemon for the first time! We could tell by her reaction that it was sour, but she kept coming back for more! 
O’s top right tooth came in just after she turned 10 months.  The top teeth are proving to be more brutal than the bottom.  On January 6th, her 3rd bottom tooth came in. She now has a total of 5 teeth!
Favorite pics from this past month:
Got rice? Because O does...in her nose.
 I've got my hair slicked sideways and my purse.  Swagger...
 I think I'll just rest my head on my hand here.