March 18, 2014

1 year!

Olivia turned 1 in February! 
This sweet girl now has 8 teeth!
 She started sleeping through the night on Sunday, January 26th!  She wakes up early (5:45/6a-which we are working on), but Mom and Dad are oh, so happy that she is sleeping!
Olivia puts everything in her mouth-all the little things that get lost in the carpet that I didn’t even know were there.  She chats to her stuffed animals and hugs them and kisses them.  She sings now too and it’s so fun to listen to that little sing songy voice.  Her favorite thing recently is to play with Dad's iPad and to mooch food off of Dad while he’s eating.  She’s the best at it!
On Wednesday, January 29th, we witnessed Olivia’s first steps.  She is very careful and cautious about walking and will only take 1-3 steps at a time.  Even venturing out to those few steps hardly ever happens, but we love to cheer her on.
She has adjusted to crawling in dresses.  Since the dress easily gets caught under her knees, she simply crawls on her hands and feet with her bum high in the air!
Liv loves to talk with her hands.  Typically, she points/waves a finger at you the entire time if you are having a conversation with her.
We love her! It’s been a good year!

1 year stats: weighs 19.5 pounds and is 29 inches long.

Favorites from the month:
 Eating a frozen strawberry-
Attacking her bff- because you know, she gets excited.
And this must be her best moment caught on camera yet!