April 15, 2015

Ali is 3 months old!

3 months old!
            Ali is starting to make sounds and will make noises in response to us when we play with her.  She will be laughing soon!  We love hearing her little noises and coos.  Ali has started to sleep less during the day and mostly just enjoys catnaps… 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there. But she is now typically sleeping from 12:30p-7:30a!  This seems like a miracle to us! 
            Ali sucks on her hands all the time and we are hoping that maybe she will be a thumb sucker.  Speaking of her hands, they are cold all of the time no matter what we do!
            Ali loves bath time, but doesn’t like getting dressed.  She loves to watch Olivia and will stare at her intently if she is nearby.  When Olivia takes the time to focus back on Ali and talk to her, Ali lights up with smiles.

            She is still a smiley girl, is a little more willing to snuggle now with us here and there, but is also still picky about what position she is being held in.

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