April 15, 2015

Ali is 4 months old!

4 months old!
            Ali started giggling around January 28th.  It is the cutest sound ever! She loves anything with bright colors and will grab at anything that is in front of her with the intent to shove it into her mouth.  I love watching her try to get at Olivia when she is nearby.  Olivia has had her hair pulled by Ali a few times, but I love how excited Ali gets when they are together. 
Ali also loves to bounce herself in her bouncer by kicking her right leg over and over and over.  She is strong and is constantly straining to sit herself up!  Although she still has a little bit of time before she’ll be sitting up on her own, she did roll herself onto her tummy and then back onto her back on February 9th!  Since then, she continues to roll onto her tummy with hardly any effort, but cannot figure out how to get back onto her back yet.  This is frustrating for her.  Currently, she is rolling towards the right and also shows a right hand preference when it comes to sucking her thumb.  We are so happy that her thumb seems to do the trick and we hardly ever use a binky with her!
Ali gives her daddy lots of googly eyes and smiles when he comes home.  She will lie on her back on the floor next to him while he reads her books.

            Ali still sleeps well at night, but we typically still can’t get her to take naps longer than 30 minutes during the day!

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