April 20, 2015

Ali is 5 months old!

5 months old!
            Ali has started rolling more and she reaches for everything in sight! It is so fun to watch her successfully grab objects that she tries so hard to get!  Ali is still constantly straining to sit up and looks like she’s trying to do sit ups.  I keep joking that she has way better abs than me (maybe it’s more a truth than a joke)!  When excited, she moves her arms up and down very fast and she ends up hitting her tummy over and over again when this happens.  It seems like it would hurt, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. Ali is a very content car rider most of the time, she loves when I say or sing nursery rhymes to her, and she is starting to get ticklish!  I have found some great tickle spots on her tummy and thighs.
            One of my favorite things this past month is watching Ali grab her toes when she is lying on her back and put them in her mouth.  Little babies are the best!  Ali also gets a really sheepish, cute grin on her face when she first sees me after she wakes up.  It’s pretty adorable.
            I’ve noticed that Ali is typically very content when I’m having a rough day or when Olivia is in need of extra one on one attention.  It’s a tender mercy, that’s for sure!

            Her nighttime sleep schedule is typically from 8:30p-7a and she wakes up around 2:30a and 5:30a to eat.

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