May 31, 2015

6 months old!

Ali is 6 months old!  Half of a year has gone by with this little one! 
            She has the most perfect rosy cheeks, which is due to some mild eczema, but they are still cute nonetheless.
            Ali is so good at pulling on and sucking on my hair and giving big, wet, open mouthed kisses on my chin and cheeks. 
            She really loves having her hair brushed, chewing on tags (found on blankets, toys, clothing, etc), chewing on and playing with clean diapers, and looking at her reflection in the mirror and oven door.
            Ali has started reaching for everything in close proximity, which sometimes makes her hard to hold because she is so squirmy.  She has also started scooching {is that even a word?} around the floor a little bit inch by inch by digging her feet and toes into the ground and pushing.
            Ali seems to enjoy sitting in the bumbo a lot more now than when she first started and I think she is close to sitting up on her own.  She graduated from the newborn sling in her bathtub and is now sitting up in the toddler tub.  She is also sitting up so big in the stroller now without her car seat.
            She has begun to get some of that “stranger danger” and will whine for Mom if she can see me nearby when someone else is holding her.  Otherwise, she doesn’t make many noises at all unless she is whining for Mom or wanting to be held.
            One of my favorite things that she does is when she sucks her thumb, the rest of her fingers will open and close until they grab onto something.  Usually they end up with my hair and she will just hold on while she sucks her thumb and then she will slowly fall asleep.  It really is adorable.
Ali is finally on some pretty consistent schedules, which help out a ton!  She is nursing every 4 hours (8a, 12p, 4p, 8p) and sleeping from 8p-6:30a with only one waking in the night around 2 or 3a to eat.
6-month stats:
Height: 27 ¼ inches
Weight: 17 pounds 06 ounces

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