May 31, 2015

Ali is 7 months old!

Ali is 7 months old!
            I call her my little wiggle-worm! She just likes to move and wants to be doing it on her own so bad! She is still so close to crawling!  She understands how to move her legs, but hasn’t quite realized how to move her arms as well so that she can get to places.
            Ali has been a lot more playful this last month and we are having so much fun interacting with her.  She loves watching balloons get blown up {we are always rewarded with giggles when playing with balloons} and she loves playing peek-a-boo with a blanket.
            This has been the month of teething for her!  I’ve been able to spot her 2 bottom middle teeth underneath her gums since the end of April and I’ve just been waiting and waiting for them to come through.  Her bottom right tooth finally poked through on May 14th {first tooth!!} and I noticed the bottom left tooth poking through on May 20th.  Yay for teeth!  She sure looks cute!
            As of May 2nd, we started food with her.  We started with just some rice cereal, which she didn’t seem to care for, and about 2 weeks later I was doing apples with her.  I think she is still getting used to the new taste and to swallowing. 
            Ali has the biggest eyes!  She really loves chewing on and playing with zippers!  She mostly finds them on wallets and shirts.  She still loves tags and chewed 2 tags off of 2 beanie babies that we have here at home.  We have a rocking moose here that has a ring in it’s nose, and it’s entertaining to watch Ali try to reach and go after that ring time after time while laying on the ground underneath the moose. 
            Ali really dislikes having anything touch her face.  These things would include having her nose wiped, wiping food off of her face, and most of all- getting dressed.  She also gets really scared of loud noises and easily cries when something startles her.  These things include Olivia yelling, the blender, and the vacuum.

            Ali started to make a few more noises this past month and her and Olivia occasionally have a yelling match during breakfast and then they giggle about it.  She has started making a few more loud screaming noises when she gets excited about something.  The day she turned 7 months old, I heard her say, “Ba, ba, ba” in a moment of distress.  It made me so happy to hear her forming little words!

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